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4 tendencies that promise to dominate the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2019

4 tendencies that promise to dominate the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2019

Now is the time when people generally begin to evaluate what next year is likely to bring different topics and sectors. Bitcoin is not different. Investors and enthusiasts are likely to notice a number of trends becoming apparent. This article published by the Bitcoinyn news agency shows the trends for the Bitcoin ecosystem that promises to dominate 2019.

1. Bitcoin electronic boxes are becoming increasingly available

Reports indicate that the year in which ATMs in Bitcoin will be removed in the US cities will be 2019. Chicago recently won 30 new machines, bringing the city total to almost 100, with Philadelphia getting roughly the same.

These ATMs are only focused on Bitcoin, but there is a traditional ATM in New York that already has the Bitcoin option. Interested parties should create accounts with LibertyX, a payment provider for Bitcoin. After going through the approval process, it is possible to buy up to $ 3,000 in Bitcoin every day using debit cards in ATMs.

These ATMs can encourage people to start using bitcoin for the first time or start dealing with crypto more widely than before. Individuals are familiar with using ATM to meet their financial needs, so it's not a big step for them to have ATM bitcoins too.

2. Contribution of more central banks with Bitcoin and other crews

Generally, one of the things that people love about Bitcoin is that they can use it without bank accounts. However, by 2019, one of Bitcoin's trends that could become apparent is that central banks are beginning to support criptomoedas, adding them to their gold reserves.

During a presentation at the first Bitcoin conference in Israel, Nick Szabo noted an important figure in the crypto ecosystem, the reasons why it is anticipated that more countries will begin to use cripta coats, especially in places that are " subject to extreme conflict or financial mismanagement. He also believes that central banks will begin to complement their gold reserves with cripto pieces.

Szabo explained:

"There will be some situations where a central bank can not rely on a central bank or central government with a guarantee, for example. One solution that has evolved is to make the Swiss government do for you. This is not a solution that is reduced by a trust. The Swiss government itself is the subject of political pressure, and therefore the currency is reduced by trust and trust. "

In 2018, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), expressed why central banks should give cripto-coins. This trend may not reach full-scale adoption in 2019, but it will be clear that central banks should not only care for Bitcoin or the cryptopoders industry.

Earlier this week, the US bank JP Morgan announced its own cryptomoeda named JPM Coin.

3. Encourage the use of Bitcoin in tourism

In May 2013, some 10,000 BTCs spent on pizza, but increased trends are businesses and locations that encourage tourists to spend Bitcoins when they travel. In March 2018, German tourism council began to receive Bitcoin for its services.

More recently, the Australian beach town in Queensland is the first time to an exciting tourist town.

When people travel to different countries, one of the first things that they usually do is visit the currency exchange offices. If this trend persists, people can just enter this need and travel only with Bitcoin. This requires planning, but travelers who do not want to deal with traditional money can be convenient when they are away from home.

4. Smartphones that store Bitcoin

An examination of plans for future devices is made by technology brands that motivates smartphones with integrated wallets that store Bitcoin and other crews. At the end of 2018, HTC published Exodus 1, a telephone that focuses on an block with an integrated wallet. People could not only buy the cellphone with cripto pieces.

Most recently, Samsung also announced the integration of a blockchain solution in its new mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

It's too early to say how successful these phones can be, but these pioneers can stimulate a more significant trend if, for example, this approach deals with hardware portfolios.

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