Thursday , January 20 2022

ZUS workers have trained in questioning techniques. "Usually, this is a special service or police training"


ZUS he wants employees to know the techniques of questioning. According to TVN24, one of this type of training, organized in Silesia, was learned by dozens of managers responsible for identifying inconsistencies in companies.

ZUS is training workers with techniques the police learn

The training program for the reporters of the "Poland and world" program was analyzed "Krzysztof Liedel, a specialist in security issues, graduated from the FBI course. Odnalaz³ "classical training that is usually taught by a special service or police"

According to the expert, "These are techniques based on engineering, social treatment and disinfection. " They allow "i somehow treat the interactive a […] remove specific information from it ".

Former ABW officer, Piotr Sudnik, noted in the material that training in questioning techniques needed, because "the level of information on the subject among officers is low". Getting the right information is to ensure that the enquirer does not become aggressive.

ZUS spokeswoman confirms training

He confirmed the fact that the training was being carried out in TVN24 journalists Iwona Kowalska-Matis, ZUS regional spokesman at Dolny Śląsk. He said that ZUS workers were learning how to ask for explanations.

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Also, Jacek Sasin, state secretary in Cardiff, said the Censeller on the matter. He said he believed that the sole purpose of the training was to make control more effective.

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