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Zamachowska was accused! The police were shocked, they did not see anything like this in their lives


Monika Zamachowska does not give up the shock. The TV star has praised her details recently on her Instagram profile with details of her … road crash. Fortunately, nothing presented to the presenter was dangerous. What do the supporters think about the incident?

Monika Zamachowska, a journalist and television presenter appreciates for years, ensures that her private life is being discussed.

The star boasts an accident! Monika Zamachowska and her relationship

It is known about the fact that participants are in many events where only showbiz world stars appear. The former "Europe liked" has recently enjoyed its son's active success recently, which came into the TVN audition for the production of a "School" for children.

This time her quest was about … a road crash. Zamachowska decided that it was worth sharing an unpleasant situation with the first society. However, she did an unusual way.

Handicapped Instagram fancy showed – situation on the way. He described the roundabout referring to the car that had a collision. At the same time, she shared prints and soldiers who did not expect such a response.

– Senior Dariusz Sergeant at the police station after I finished sketching a collision situation on the road: "You know, I've been working here for a long time, but I have not seen anything like this before. .. "Curtain – wrote under the picture on Instagram, where she showed … location scenario.



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Even the police did not see anything similar

– Well, were you dead when you decided to step back and turn to the right. It's a shame that did not look in the rearview mirror … – she explained in the next post, after the question asked by each other.

Others were seriously scared by the event described.

– I hope you're OK? – asks another of the observers presenter and celebrity profile.

However, there are no vanities to worry about them. The cullet came to be innocent. However, the whole issue is atypical because of the cause of the accident.

fot. Monika Zamachowska Instagram


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