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Your Face Face familiar 4 May 2014: jury without Małgorzata Walewska! What happened and who will replace it?


Małgorzata Walewska
Author: WBF

This information will certainly surprise all fans of Polsatov show. Although we are approaching the end of this edition, Your Face Sounds Familiar, in the next chapter of the 4.05.2019 program, we will not see Walewska Małgorzata in the jury, which has been associated with the program of; r start. This is a big change and many viewers can wonder whether it will affect the program in some way.

Your Face Face familiar 4 May 2014: jury without Małgorzata Walewska! The Polish singer will not judge the performances of the participants in one of the last episode of the 11th edition of the musical. What happened and above all – who will replace Małgorzata Walewska in this difficult task? We explain what influenced the decision makers of Your Face to Know.

Your Face Faces are familiar 4/04/2019: Why is Małgorzata Walewska not in the jury?

This question certainly relates to many viewers of the program who have become very close to the current jury. Especially as Małgorzata Walewska in it from the very beginning of Your Face Sounds is familiar, and that's the whole 5 years! However, it appears in the 10th chapter of the 11th edition, that other professional obligations have been suspended. Małgorzata Walewska recorded Karłowicz songs with the Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra. Fortunately, its disappearance from the program is only temporary!

Your Face Face is familiar with 4/04/2019: jury. Who instead of Małgorzata Walewska?

In this chapter, an actor will replace the Polish singer Piotr Polk. Polk also has a musical education, he sang, and more than that – he has two albums! We believe it will do a great job in the role of juror.

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