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Work experience pensions – the latest information. How long will they be? You must know this! [3.12.2020]

Work experience pensions – the latest information. We may soon be facing a pension revolution. At the desk of President Andrzej Duda, there is already a project on retirement pensions. What are the internship pensions and how can I apply for them? We already know much more!

Training pensions – when will they be available? President Andrzej Duda has been working on new regulations on early retirement for some time. There will be a pension revolution and the regulations will allow people to retire on new terms.

As reported by “Fakt”, a Chancellor of the President of the Republic of Poland a ready project on internship pensions has emerged. The journal reached its contents.

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“We are demanding the possibility for employees with very long experience to retire before reaching statutory retirement age,” the petition wrote.

What are the internship pensions? Who can apply for them? How much will the internship pension be? We have collected all the information that is most important to you. Read in our gallery.

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