Friday , May 27 2022

Wojciech Cejrowski published a letter to PiS on Facebook


The "Non-partisan to the PiS" letter was published on the facebook profile that belongs to Wojciech Cejrowski. The passenger does not trigger critical comments about the party that is awarded. "You did not have the Constitution in writing when you were running in the elections with the slogans that you need to change the Constitution right, and you have not written it to the present day" – Cejrowski wrote.

"Just why do you need us?"

He used similar arguments in the case of anti-abortion law and other actions, claiming that, while the PiS in the campaign promised to transfer them, he did not keep his word. The passenger referred to 100 year celebrations since Poland recovered his independence. "You did not have any plan to celebrate the century of Independence right? If you were there, would you recommend them two years ago, right? And that would be good – something specific in the campaign election. But there was nothing to crack because you did not have a ready plan. That's why there's no pompous celebration now – there's a game of appearances " – emphasized Cejrowski.

He argued that further "200 million can do anybody, but the" 200 million "slogan is not a big design but not a big bill for … For one big thing". The passenger also remembered the fact that he organized twenty concerts in the world, while asking for what was organized for Polish residents. "Can we sing and record a record for the Guinness Book?" He asked rhetorically.

Said Cejrowski "The nation still has to organize the holiday itself". "Are you? Are you joining us at the last minute? Okay, good, but you have to be leaders" – he added. "We do not do well without you because we have no way out. We just need what we need Do you need if we still have to control ourselves? And we usually have to cope against you " – summarize.

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