Thursday , January 20 2022

We lose employees from Ukraine –


Polish employment agencies operating in Ukraine warn: competition for local workers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany intensifies – emphasizes Rzeczpospolita on Monday.

"German mediators are already recruiting candidates for work in Ukraine, preparing for access to the regulations to facilitate the migration of labor to Germany next year." Competition of the Czech Republic and Slovakia has also intensified and salaries are offered to Ukrainians by 2030% higher than in Poland, a large part of the professionals can leave Poland – Marian Przeździecki, the branch director of the Work Service in Ukraine, scared. The Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) estimates the potential of Ukrainian exemption for 500,000 people, which would reduce our 1.6% GDP. "- we read at Rzeczpospolita.

"According to Jacek Piechota, president of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, although our advantage is in the eyes of Ukrainians in geographical and cultural proximity, competition from countries where you can earn more is a real threat" – noted.

"According to the German statistics quoted by PulsHR, in 2017, after introducing a visa free visa to Ukrainians, their number increased by almost 10 per cent for the Oder, up to 138,000 ZPP appeals for a co-ordinated migration policy, and He returned his draft almost in the autumn to inter-ministerial consultations. Migration is created on the interface between several ministries, it is related to many subjects, so it must be done. Ministry of Investment and Development defends the discussions "- we read in the magazine. (PAP)

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