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We did not expect that after Galaxy Note 10

The main features of the Galaxy S10 series have already got stuck for us, which is why we are waiting for Samsung's next hand in the top head shelf. Galaxy Note 10's first performance inevitably rises and according to the latest reports, we have a great surprise waiting for us.

Information about the new Notepad has been appearing for a long time. And basically, I should use the multiple, as it has been repeatedly said that two smartphone from Galaxy Note 10 series will be on the market this year. The first one is to offer a 6.4 inch display and a triple camera, while the second one has a 6.7 inch display. inch screen and main quadruple camera. Only the first of the above mentioned items will be reported to Europe, resulting from the fact that Old Continental users are fond of slightly smaller devices.

Based on information from reliable sources, Gordon Kelly from Forbes can confirm that the Galaxy Note 10 exhibition will include a 19: 9 exhibition, just like the Galaxy S10 flagship series. The smartphone's front to be symmetrical, so the camera for selfie calls and video in the middle of the screen will be at the top edge, not in the top right corner.

This can be a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (PhoneArena photo) t

Note Galaxy 10 Note will no longer be symmetrical. What's more, Samsung will change the main camera position in the top prize for the first time in years and move it to the top left corner. However, it cannot be ruled out that Koreans will eventually give you the best move, as several versions of the New Books are currently being tested.

This can be a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (PhoneArena photo) t

The Galaxy Note 10 4500 battery will also be said with a larger screen, and in the latest generation Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung will provide support to charge much faster wires, with power up to 50 W. I may remind here that I can pick up & # The fastest to Galaxy S10 5G (25 W) is currently.

The journalist of the source site also reported that the smart phones in the Galaxy Note 10 series will include flash memory UFS 3.0 and "next RAM generation memory", although most likely LPDDR4x type bones.

It is also surprising that the new Books Books are presented for the first time "earlier than we believe", but here there is no speculation. As a reminder, the first performance was shown by Galaxy Note on August 9, 2018.

* In the title picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (under the link you will get its review in preparation by Kasia) t

Source: Forbes, PhoneArena

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