Saturday , July 2 2022

Warsaw Legia on the threshold of revolution! Kucharczyk is about to leave, and this is not the end of Vuković's changes in the football


Legia Warszawa brought the season to a close with a draw in the game with Zagłębie Lubin 2: 2. Warszowicz took the second place in the table, and the Polish championship was appointed to Piast Gliwice. Aleksandar Vukoviæ, the new Legia coach, admitted after the last game that the main rule in Legia is to be a zapier *** and based on players of this kind, it will build a team for the season t new.

– The team faces significant reconstruction, not only because 10 competitors contract. From what they hear from śenikowska, Rados³aw Cierzniak has already extended the contract, and Michał Kucharczyk will instead finish his performances in Legia on the number 349, ie he will leave without extending the contract – wrote Adam Dawidziuk in his subject on

And added: – The upcoming transfer window will be the final test for Rados³aw Kucharski, the director of sports. And what is important, it will be settled not only with whom he can persuade him to play in Legia, and most of all transfers from the club.

This is the effect of Warsaw's empty cash register. The runners up in Poland will want to improve their finances by selling their footballers. And that means the following footballers in the summer can say goodbye to Sebastian: Sebastian Szymańska, Mateusz Wieteska (in winter he was close to leave for 2 million euros to Dynamo Kyiv), Carlitos, Dominik Nagy and Majoski Rados³aw.

And that's not the end of the changes. – From Legia they will leave, among others Arkadiusz Malarz, Miroslav Radoviæ, Adam Hlousek, Kasper Hamalainen, Carlitos, Inaki Astiz and Iuri Medeiros, who in the last three games have been weaned from the squad (according to all about Marek Saganowski on one of the training sessions) – previously informed Bartwoomiej Kubiak of Sports. pl.

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