Wednesday , May 25 2022

War Cemetery. A sensible discovery of 2,000 years ago


A cemetery of wars was discovered two thousand years ago in the Gorzów pub. The scary discovery revealed that the trees were rooted by the strong wind last year. The cemetery area can contain up to several hectares. Residual settlements may also be nearby. This is just beginning to explain the mystery of this place – get people who love history.

The story of the discovery is as remarkable as the discovery itself. In October last year, the region swept through a galley that was erased in the woods with roots. It became apparent that the cataclysm revealed sensible archaeological monuments.

In April last year, artifacts revealed by the earth were noticed by an antler leaked solicitor. The man came to an end, among others. He became interested in the enthusiasm of history.

We went to see this place. We did not believe what we saw. In the holes in the trees, between the roots, there were three basins, two hepwn, a crew, a knife and a bone. He pointed out that there could be a burial place of the 1st-3rd century AD in this place. We immediately informed the workers of the Kostrzyn Fortress Museum and the Gorzów Wielkopolski Monument Monastery for the discovery – says auditor, Dariusz de Lorm.

After confirming the perception, the procedure for obtaining appropriate permissions for research has now started. Ultimately, the researchers returned to the area to find out this reduction.

In November, further research began. The subsequent findings of the original thesis confirmed that archaeological monuments can be almost two thousand years old. During the work, three complete and incomplete burials were found to be final.

The next umve (center of the shield center), the grommet (handle the target), the knife, the header and the ritual sword were found. Ash people have also buried in the soil vessels. A preliminary date confirmed that it was a burial of the first century OC.

Research is still under way. In the opinion of the auditors, the cemetery area can even contain several hectares. There were also no remains of the settlement, which should be near burial sites.

This place will undoubtedly reveal its secrets for many years. Researchers who have worked so far in conjunction with volunteers and volunteers intend to apply for further audit licenses. They will also collect money for doing work.

The authors remind that the site where the discovery was made was recorded in the register of archaeological sites since last year and has legally protected. Any work in this place without proper consent is unlawful.


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