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Two years ago the Fortune left happiness. Now it can be sent to the prison for three years!


bread Bartosz G. he left two years ago from "Happiness Colors", he liked a joke about it. In one of the interviews he pretended he was talking to the hero that he played in. Bartosz G. called for calling the serial Bartek Koszy, who was in "Happiness Colors" – As I called Bartek, he said he was fine, but he was very crowded. It returns to form after these excess drugs. He now went into fishing – the actor said with a laugh.

Bartosz G. seems to have had similar problems in the private life of those who are faced by the serialist Bartek Koszyki. The actor turned out of trouble because of toxic substances.

According to "Super Express", Bartosz G. did not appear in the District Court for Warsaw Praga-Południe on November 9. He received allegations of possession of narcotic drugs, but used the right not to testify, because they can harm him. translation in court? It's about cocaine that the actor should have in the period from October 2015 to April 2016. And in large quantities.

Bartosz G. had probably ordered a "star dealer" about 8 grams of high quality cocaine worth more than 2,500 zlotys, but could be punished with a prison for up to three years. The court can reduce its penalty, but there is one condition: the actor must show that he is buying drugs that he / she uses and adds to.

In May 2016, a media bomb broke when the police kept by Cezary P., whose "star dealer" was tied, found around 90 grams of cocaine and 30,000 zlotys, which was supposed to be to sell narcotics for actors, managers and business people, drugs, mainly cocaine.

Cezary P. is accused of selling a cocaine worth at least a million zlotys. About two hundred celebrities would use its services!

The star seller cried because they did not discharge him from custody

List of clients of the "star dealer". Do you know these politicians or their children?

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