Wednesday , November 25 2020

Totalizator Sportowy will renovate lot offices. “Customers will feel the difference”

The Totalizator Sportowy company will replace the entire central system, operating since 2011, and enclose it with easily integrated applications that support business development. By the end of 2023, new equipment for the sale of Lotto games and scratchcards will also be delivered to outlets, and the customer offer will be constantly developed and expanded with new products this year.

The new lottery platform, ie new point of sale devices, a new central system for handling number games and cash lotteries, a system for sale in the interactive channel and business support software – will be provided by the IGT consortium selected in the procedure acquisition. The new contract will run until December 2028 with the possibility of extending it for a further 3 years.

– Our ambitions were difficult to implement with the use of old equipment, whose generation was two decades ago – said Olgierd Cieślik, president of Totalizator Sportowy. He also stresses that this is an investment in the company’s core business of selling number games and cash lotteries.

The IGT consortium currently provides a centralized system for selling number games and cash lotteries, as well as an interactive system under a contract with Totalizator Sportowy that is valid until the end of November 2021.

The information provided by TS indicates that in early 2021 IGT will begin implementing new functions into the currently operating interactive system. Customers will soon feel the difference – announces Totalizator Sportowy, and new functions and games – a reminder – will be implemented consecutively until the entire system is eventually replaced.

– On the one hand, it will be a continuation of our long-term collaboration with Totalizator Sportowy, on the other, however, each operation comes with new challenges, completely different hardware and organizational requirements. Employing nearly 300 people in Warsaw, we can delegate our best and most experienced experts to this project, which will guarantee a hassle-free course of all the operation – said Wojciech Włodarczyk, president of IGT Poland.

The new agreement with IGT is to enable Totalizator Sportowy to continue the technological transformation.

– The agreement, valid until the end of November 2021, cannot be compared with the newly signed, new one. Everything has changed: the co-operative model, which is now becoming more involved by the company in current operations, the settlement model with the supplier, and the conditions for service quality. We will get many more services and software, while giving us more freedom in our day-to-day operations. The implementation of modern IT systems is based on the ease of integration, and we have placed particular emphasis on this element in the case, emphasizing Cieślik.

The company also plans to further expand its product offering, including the phased implementation of electronic cash lotteries. The first will appear in December this year on the website and in the mobile program.

Totalizator Sportowy currently has a network of over 18,000 points of sale. In 2018, the company began operating in new areas of business, i.e. slot machine salons and online casino.

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