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This will be the third lane for 100 km of A4 motorway. An analysis of the expansion begins


The A4 motorway on the Lower Silesia section does not meet driver expectations. Often there are accidents here. Therefore, action is needed to improve this situation. We are taking these steps. Their effect is the agreement signed today

– Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej said Adamczyk.

According to the Adamczyk section, the task of the designers will be to analyze possible variations of comprehensive actions aimed at improving the safety, capacity and functionality of the Lower Silesia section of the A4 motorway. As part of the preparation work, at least three options will be analyzed:

  • extension of the existing A4 motorway: one-way construction (3 lanes + emergency lane) parallel to existing A4, following reconstruction of towers earlier and construction of new engineering facilities, then traffic on the built thread, cutting t old face and construction of second thread (3 lanes + emergency belt);
  • build the A4 in the new corridor running around the south of the Wicid Wrocw trail to the existing A4 at Legnica height (including S3 building) and extend A4 by the current counter at Legnica – Krzyowa (according to variation 1). On the existing A4 route, which would be replaced by a new course, the demolition of engineering structures and the construction of single level interchanges will be analyzed;
  • building the A4 in the new corridor running to the south of Wschd Wrocaw to Krzyowa, and demolishing engineering structures and building a single storey block will be carried over the existing A4 route.

The analysis will allow decisions on comprehensive solutions for this A4 section to be taken and a preferred option for motorway adaptation to user needs.

It is estimated that all investment of reconstruction section Wrocaw-Krzyów A4 can cost over 6 billion PLN.

The highway is over 80 years old

The A4 motorway in Lower Voivodship Silesia is the oldest part of the motorway in Poland. It was built in the 1930s.

As noted by GDDKiA, the Wrocaw-Krzyowa section does not meet the full range of technical conditions envisaged for motorways. In particular, there is no emergency belt (an emergency belt only occurs on short sections), and in many cases the helium geometry has not been adapted to highway standards. There is also a lack of Service Areas on the motorway. From year to year, traffic is increasing, sometimes reaching up to 100,000. 24 hour vehicles During accidents, collisions or defects, road blocks are created.

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