Saturday , January 23 2021

This is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. There is no trace of the “beans”

Information has been circulating for some time that Samsung is planning to release a new version of its flagship TWS wireless headphones. Now, thanks to Evan Blass, we find out what the future will look like Galaxy Buds Pro.

Galaxy Buds Pro (presumably because the name Galaxy Buds Beyond is also not exempt) has already received the first certifications, and related documents revealed that the case designed for them will have a 472 mAh battery. However, we do not yet have detailed information about the batteries in the headphones themselves, so it is difficult to estimate their working time on a single charge.

We already know the appearance of the Galaxy Buds Pro. Time to say goodbye to the beans

Evan Blass shared the upcoming headphones today. The new invention is to return to its roots in its construction. So we say goodbye to the “beans” of Galaxy Buds Live and return to intrathecal construction. We know that special attention has been given to improving the operational noise reduction, which was a little disappointing on the Galaxy Buds Live because of its in-ear design.

Galaxy Buds Pro (Source: evleaks)
Galaxy Buds Pro (Source: evleaks)

The version presented is in lilac color, and the AKG logo on the casing shows that the Korean manufacturer will continue to cooperate with the highly regarded audio company. There is currently no information on other color versions, but it is likely that consumers will have more choice.

Galaxy Buds Pro charging case (source: evleaks)
Charging case for Galaxy Buds Pro (source: evleaks)

The premiere is coming soon

We expect to see Samsung’s upcoming headphones officially in the first quarter of 2021. That being said they should appear for the first time along with the flagship of the Galaxy S21 series, so soon. However, this is not confirmed information, so beware of it, as we may have to wait a bit longer for Samsung’s new TWS headphones.

Does the appearance of the new version mean changes in Samsung’s portfolio? It turns out it isn’t. As Evan Blass suggests, Galaxy Buds Pro is an additional series and will co-exist with Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live.

We don’t know the price of upcoming Samsung news yet, but we can assume that appearance Galaxy Buds Pro may affect the prices of other representatives of the Galaxy Buds series.

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