Sunday , January 24 2021

This is how the game about the Warsaw Rebellion presents itself in action [WIDEO] / CD-Action

You can admire, among other things, the fight and control of the team.

The Pixelated Milk Polish studio kept its word and brought the playable version to PAX East t was published in February Warsaw. The first minutes of the game begin to appear on the network. Josh Knowles published material on his channel, allowing not only to fight the Darkest Dungeon model, but also other aspects of production. Among other things, he introduced the process of separating equipment and skills to rebels and choosing another mission. Each of the last offers different rewards, but you can only take a limited time, so it's impossible to help everyone. We will also make decisions as part of random events. At some point the play team came across an injured German. It was a matter for the rebels only to decide whether they would shoot it in the place where, trying to seize it out, or persuading it to submit it to their will. The last two options required a talent test sentence. Premiere for PC, PS4 and Switch in the third quarter of this year.

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