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“They want to take Poland’s soul from us.” The notice was served by the deputy


In the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Star of the New Evangelization and St. John Paul II celebrates Radio Maryja’s 29th birthday. This year, due to the epidemic and the restrictions associated with it, the event is more modest than usual, but there were, among others, Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro and Deputy Minister Michał Woś, Head of Ministry Defend Mariusz Błaszczak and Presidential Minister Adam Kwiatkowski.

Thanks to PiS for “protecting Catholic values ​​and Polish tradition”

Ryszard Terlecki, chairman of PiS, sent a letter on behalf of PiS deputies and senators. “Radio Maryja’s 29th birthday is a special occasion to express gratitude to the Reverend Father, Redemption Fathers and co-workers for another year of continuous apostolic service to our national community, for daily prayers, for the protection of Catholic values ​​and Polish tradition , “he wrote. “Together with the entire Radio Maryja Family, we say: God bless you, for strengthening us in faith, hope and love,” added the Sejm Deputy Spokesperson.

The letter was also sent by the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marzena Maląg. In it she noted that Radio Maryja brings “hope to the sick, waking up married to love, evangelizing the old and the young”. “An important part of the Work is the Radio Maryja Family, providing support and help to the listeners in difficulty” – he said.

Zbigniew Ziobro about those who “want to take” the Polish soul away

Zbigniew Ziobro, who was present at the scene, gave a few minutes speech when he thanked Radio Maryja, Telewizja Trwam and “Nasz Dziennik”.

It is this space of Polish, the space of the presence of the culture that creates and defines Polish. It is a beautiful heritage called Poland, which the Pole – St. John Paul II – let us be faithful to him. Especially in these times, these days, when there are those who would like to take away from the beautiful values ​​that have laid the foundations over a thousand years, the roots of our Polish culture, tradition, identity, identity. But I wouldn’t allow that

– state the minister. – We can have this strength and faith that we will protect what is beautiful just because people who created it were and are sometimes as beautiful as those associated with Radio Maryja – he added.

Finally, he thanked Tadeusz Rydzyk himself, whom God gave, according to Ziobro – strength and wisdom. – (…) Despite the obstacles, despite the hardships, despite the bad people who did much to prevent this work from reaching where it is today, he said.

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Professor. Stanisław Obirek: I’m waiting for the moment when Father Rydzyk breaks

The Left deputy issues a notice on violating the restrictions

Last year, Radio Maryja’s birthday was held at the Toruń Arena, with participation, among others Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, ministers Ziobro and Błaszczak, MPs and MEPs, but also the Navy’s Representative Orchestra.

Currently, there is a limit on people in churches – a maximum of one person per 15 square meters, with a distance of not less than 1.5 meters and the need to cover the nose and mouth. Nose and mouth covering is not limited to worshipers.

Restrictions were certainly not followed during the birthday celebrations. The temple recordings show that the seats are quite crowded, and many people – including non-worshiping priests – do not have masks on their faces.

Radio Maryja's BirthdayRadio Maryja’s Birthday Maryja Radio

“In our Toruń, young people walking on the streets were recently recorded. Toruń police, where are you now? I am issuing a notice to the prosecutor’s office about violating the restrictions” – wrote Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, a member from the Left.

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