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They want to destroy Kasia Cichopek. Star play M as love


Kasia Cichopek came into the show business more than 18 years ago, when he started working on the Mjak Miłość series. In all the years she had noticed that the world of celebrities was not a pleasant place, as it might seem to some people. Recently she has made a stunning discovery. They wanted to destroy it.

Kasia Cichopek has been happy in love with Marcin Hakiel for many years. A couple's marriage is highly agreed, and that's why they were often imitated. Unfortunately, not everyone wants them well. The actor tried to swallow. Who is behind this?

Kasia Cichopek prosecuted his own Instagram. It does not reveal who is behind this

Recently, Kasia Cichopek has met brutal behavior by Internet users. Under her charming picture with her husband, there were comments that she suggested that the couple's happiness just showed. The actor took these words very much and decided to check who tries to destroy it. Unexpected results were obtained from his small investigation.

– I came to the accounts of the people who wrote about it and here are the fairies accounts, there's nothing there, so … seriously? These are not private people, they are mainly paid out and paid for, creating fairytales and hatred competition, eg in the form of other restaurants or private individuals . We can hate those who would like, for example, to win our advertising contracts – the actor says fraudulently.

Kasia Cichopek leaves M am Love? We have a star comment

Recently, the media have heard news that Kasia Cichopek is leaving the Mjak Miłość TV show. As it ends, there is a grain of truth in every stroke. Interesting in his statements, he gave a lot to the fans to think about it.



The dramatic star of the stars! They suffer from mental illness

– I appreciate the fact that I'm in such a cool series, which has so far been breaking incredible popularity records. Simply. I'm happy that I can participate and be part of this whole project. However, for 18 years I have been working continuously (…) Sometimes I have moments of such that I am not as much as I want to leave, just take a break for my regeneration interior myself. I had not had so much time after the birth of my children – sadly, admitting the star.

Although the obvious expression of the star does not argue doubts, the official situation in this issue decided to release the production of the series.

– No, Kasia Cichopek does not leave with "M jak miłość", his subject will not be extinguished, either for ever or for a moment – we can read in the release of the series.

Friends of the story of Kinga and Piotrka can breathe from relief.


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"M jak miłość": Star of the series that has left us in recent years

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