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The Witcher: Extended Edition: Free game


Players can often count not only reduce game prices. Sometimes there are promotions, where you can expand your collections without any expenses. This time, you can win a game that is old enough, but no doubt worth paying attention to.

The first Witcher is distributed on the GOG platform. Importantly, our Wider Edition was released in 2008 and contains a number of important corrections to the original. Not only does it look better and run more smoothly, but it is also obviously wider, just because of the larger number of independent characters or two extra journeys.

Those interested in the promotional campaign should go to the GOG platform. The use of the promotion is related to specific conditions, but they do not seem particularly troublesome. As well as having an account on this platform, you have to add a Thread Card Game: Witcher and subscribe to the newsletter.

It is worth noting that after completing these steps, you will not only get the game Witcher: Extended Edition, but also a set of cards for the yarns mentioned.

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