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The production of American Express is waiting for the READ! And the chapter of the network disappeared …



After losing the controversial episode America Express, the tense of public debate around the program has changed beyond recognition. Format makers have been accused of planning an indecent challenge for passengers, while some take part they were accused of sexually harassing women.

Obviously, the center of the comment that she has suffered is deadly, Philip Chajzer, still sees nothing of her place in her behavior, and even has committed lynching on one of the journalists . It's likely that his mother had changed his mind after seeing the audience's response to a complete challenge. The current 10th episode of the current term has disappeared from the network, and the fans stunned a loyal format.

Why can not you watch episode 10 on the player? I had no chance to watch TV and I wanted to catch up
perhaps through this scandal that is associated with it
what scandal?
Well that Chajzer fired a woman (the task they had to kiss 3 on the lips) without asking at all and still laughed at his fatherwho asked for permission – we can read in the comments section on the official profile of the program Instagram.

It is not surprising to the station that it has downloaded the episode of its website, even if the host America Express. Agnieszka Szulim, considering leaving the program after watching the tenth episode and experiencing the extreme ignorance of the younger half of the family of the Chajzer family.

See: Szulim has corrected with Chajzer words: "This is SEXIST!
See: Agnieszka Szulim apologizes for failing in American Express: "I'm embarrassed, I do not know if I should continue with this program"

This is not the end of the Sunday revelations on this scandal. About 10:00 PM, he apologized for the production on the official program's website. Here's their full content:

Anyway, we place great emphasis on high ethical standards on the set as well as on the air. despite that In the 10th episode of the program there was a competition that some people could be considered inappropriate. We apologize to everyone who felt they were faced by watching this episode – production of "America Express".

Four days have passed since the beginning. It took a lot of time for producers to understand the problem …

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