Monday , October 26 2020

The new Superb Skoda comes into the market with a pack of nappies and the first hybrid in the brand's history t

The new Superb Skoda does not mean jumping to the next generation, and the makeover. That is why no one expected a revolution. The rumors and the pictures revealed at the beginning of the week, which we wrote about here, were revealed: pictures of the new Superb Skoda.

Superb Skoda has grown 8 mm (combo by 6 mm). The appearance has been modernized, but without major changes. The biggest novelty is the grill, pump has a little overhaul and the Skoda sign on the back. The advanced LED Full LED lamps we have already connected to Audi models are completely new. Read more about the new Superba lights: what the leading Skoda lights can do.

Lifting is also an opportunity to add new varnishes and turn wheels into the configurator.

Skoda Superb 2020Skoda Superb 2020 picture by Skoda

The new Superb Skoda and internal security systems

In the interior, too, with no more madness. The whole has been renewed. There were new patterns of upholstery, a few style accents and clever solutions from the Simply Clever series.

The new Superb Skoda has also received new security systems – for example, the Trailer Assist Trailer Assistant and the System View Area, which helps with movements, thanks to 4 t camera, showing 360 images of the vehicle environment on the screen. The Emergency Support system has also been updated, which can drive out of the road and park if necessary. The Side Support system warns the driver of vehicles approaching the side and detects them up to 70 m In the well known Blind Spot system, the range is 20 m.

Ot, a rising classic of the genre.

Skoda Superb 2020Skoda Superb 2020 picture by Skoda

Superb Skoda iV – more than 200 horse hybrids

The most important innovation by far is the hybrid version plug-in, which is loaded from the socket. The Superb PHEV, from the name of iV, is closely related to GW Passat VW. They cooperate here with two machines: a 1.4 TSI with a power of 156 hp and an electric motor with a capacity of 115 hp. The total power of the system is 218 HP. The new Superb iV Skb will travel 55 km on the road itself.

The batteries have 13kWh capacity (in the Passat is 9 kWh). From regular accommodation to the home, we charge them from 0 to 100 percent. in 3.5 hours.

Because of the need to install the battery on board, Skoda had to reduce the new trunk of the Superb Skip iV. In the usual version of 625 to 485 l, and the combi from 660 to 510 l You can choose from 4 versions of tools: Ambition, Style, Sportline and L&K Luxury

Skoda Superb iVSkoda Superb iV picture by Skoda

The new Superb Skoda drive units

The new Superb Skb will also be offered with classic driving units. CSA handbook or box to choose from. In the higher versions, you can choose a 4×4 drive.

High pressure machines: t

  • 1.6 TDI with 120 hp, DSG
  • TDI Evo 2.0 with 150 hp, hand or DSG
  • TDI 2.0 with 190 DSG option, 4×4 option

Gasoline Machinery: t

  • 1.5 TSI with 150 hp, hand or DSG
  • TSI 2.0 with 190 hp, DSG
  • 2.0 TSI with 272 hp, DSC 4×4

Skoda Superb 2020Skoda Superb 2020 picture by Skoda

The new Superb Skoda will be on the road this year

The new Superb Skoda will be on sale at the end of this year. The hybrid iV should appear at the beginning of 2020. We have to wait for Polish prices of the new Superba.

Finally, it is worth noting, in line with the fashion in the automotive industry, that the biggest Skoda has seen the scouts of Scouts: Superb Skoda Scout – time for a slightly verbal Superba version

Skoda Superb 2020Skoda Superb 2020 picture by Skoda

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