Thursday , January 20 2022

The most important is promotion to the Polish national team of Europe 2020


On Monday in Sopot, a Polish national group began. Third in the Jerzy Brzczka season, and also last year, before the friendly meeting with the Czech Republic (November 15) and the last game in the Portuguese League of Portugal (November 20). The grouping began traditionally with the Jerzy Brzczka conference, where the selector talks about …

… not praised by Michał Pazdan, Karol Lineta and Maciej Rybus

Pazdan does not have an easy position at the club. The injuries will clear him from the battle for the eleven first legion. Given its potential and potential, calculate that it will eventually win a squad place, as it would be very useful to us.

The fact that Karol does not now mean it has to erase. There were not Kamil Grosicki and Thiago Cionek, who came back to the squad. If Charles has to dispose it well, he will return to the team this spring.

The presence of Rybus in the last league game was a surprise for us. It became apparent that Lokomotiv training staff had decided to play with injects and anti-measures. But when Maciek came to Warsaw, it seemed that he would play only after the break for games and the national team, so it will not be called.

Robert Lewandowski complains about knee problems

… appointed to Adam Buks

– We've been monitoring Buks for a long time. We are not just mistaken about as an attacker – it would be hard to exist there as in Pogon. In the squad, perhaps to play in a different situation.

… Kamil Glyc has to injure

Glik's injury is a great loss not only because of its skill, but also its character features. An experienced competitor, after the World Cup, plays in almost all team games and national clubs. On the other hand, one's unhappiness can turn the happiness of the other. Calculate the fact that those who jump to the replacement will be able to play at a high level.

… four wins without victory

It is important that a Polish national team wins. We are aware of the weight, but we have to go with her with a gown. For us, the most important thing to promote to Euro 2020. It has not happened for a long time, we have been playing four times with European band teams in such a short time. We are in the twin after M, not all elderly are available. We need the skeleton of the team of fashionable players that develop in it. Believe to start deleting ME 2020, we will create a team that will fight effectively for promotion.

Jerzy Brzczek fights with room room leaks

… for the November games

He will stay in the first basket, it's important to us, he knows how much it can mean to us. But before the game of Portugal, we will play with the Czech Republic. We treat this very seriously. The Czech Republic, who is considering competitors, is a very good team. They have their problems, but we are preparing for a difficult meeting with a tough competitor.

… on tactics

In October, we experienced new tactical solutions with hard objectors who do not work well. The positive thing is that, after returning to the classical location, you can see a quick and accurate correction. In November, we will return to the 4-4-2 system (or 4-2-3-1). Tactics look good at the beginning of the meeting. But over time, it's more important to understand each other and be the right place on the field. Certainly, we will not create a perfect understanding with new players on a number of coaches.

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