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The legendary Stan Lee, who composed Marvel comics, has died


"I will not sign my own name under those stupid comics," said Stan Lee, or rather Stanley Lieber, when he got a job at the Marvel publishing house. He was sixteen and wanted to be an author. The comics just meant occasional events. Today, 89-year-old Lee does not have one novel, but he became famous as a creature of iconic titles such as "Spider-Man", "Iron Man", "Hulk", "Daredevil" and "X- Men ". icon, and Kevin Smith's film "Supermarket Rats," whose heroes are the fans of the comic, he played himself.

Unemployed ambitions

His life is the achievement of the American dream. Stanley was born to a poor family of the Romans of the Romans and was raised in Bronx New York. To help parents, teenagers, he grew up, among others writing writing to newspapers. Going to meet for working for Timely Comics (Marvel later), he was convinced he would write serious stories. When he learned what the company did, he was disappointed, but he needed money. Initially he was a little boy – he brought lunch to cartoons who checked that there was no shortage of ink in the warehouse. Then he began to write simple scenarios.

The work did not satisfy him, so when World War II began, he joined the army as a volunteer. there, among others writing textbooks for soldiers and inventing propaganda slogans. After three years he returned to Marvel, but was still ashamed of his occupation. He was responsible for comics for children who had to have a simple story. Lee today admits that he was retained by the money he won. However, when he collected enough savings, he decided to leave.

Then he got a new command from the headteachers: a comic book for superheroes. DC Comics's competitive public house had an idea thanks to such titles as "Superman" or "Batman." Lee was supposed to create a similar hero with dominant powers, but did not follow the guides and heads, he decided to create a new hero type – A woman told me why you should not write If his concept does not work out, the The worst thing that can happen to you is redundancy, and yet you want to leave, "he later said, his first heroes, Four Four's (1961) representatives, were not similar to unfair and undesirable characters of stable DC, They had bad mood, adverse character features, and they had to remember paying bills. That was new.

Heroic revolution

– Dickens had interesting characters at all times. Mark Twain had an interesting one. Similarly, Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to create dialogues that would give personality figures – Lee explained in an interview for The Washington Post. He believed that the biggest problem of comics about superheroes was that they were completely unrealistic, without psychological depth. An adult reader could not identify them, so only younger audiences followed sequential titles. – For a long time, we did not take care of the superheroes' personal life. And I wanted to know what they do when they do not fight the men, where they live, what their hopes, dreams, aspirations and frustration – he explained. That's why he decided to get them dynamically. He saw the whole article describing the Stan Lee trail itself in the weekly magazine "Wprost" from 2011, which is the following below:

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