Thursday , January 20 2022

The invasive rainbow over Mynydd Zbylitowska. "I'm calling my wife, checking on the internet what is"



We received pictures of the perimeter arch on Connect 24 by Reporter 24 for Nick Syl. A resident of Zbylitowska Góra emphasized that he had seen such a phenomenon for the first time. "Before I saw it, it probably has taken a long way – I called my wife who checked the internet for what she is. She also takes some pictures with a mobile phone" – he wrote.

An extremely rare phenomenon

The circular arc is a rare optical phenomenon of halo. It was formed in the atmosphere after sunlight drops on hexagonal plate shaped small ice crystals.

The light rays break at a large angle (almost 90 degrees), which make colors of the rainbow especially separated. Thanks to this, the rainbow has inverted clearer colors than traditional.

To create this phenomenon, it is necessary to install the sun properly – it can not exceed 32.5 degrees above the horizon. The most beautiful spots are formed when the sun is between 15 and 20 degrees above the horizon.

It lasted about 15 minutes

The author described that he was impressed by the rainbow.

"I did not expect it – you can not see it in the pictures, but it was very bright, yet the colors were completely visible." The first rainbow was a normal arc like that after the rain, but in seconds it appeared much more centrally in the air. In total, at that time (from 13.50 to 14.15) it was about three rainbow, with the fact That was the biggest, slowly fading, then I did not watch it, it's for about 15 minutes "- the author wrote the pictures.

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