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The head of the march has already arrived, but thousands of people are still going


In, we are reporting in detail the moment of what happens in the city on the centenary of the recovery of independence.

17.30 As Paweł Łukasik said on TVN24, part of the march has already come to an end. – A speech from the first part with the participation of officials, the president, prime minister, Speakers of the Sejm and Senedd. That does not mean that the parade has stopped. There are many people through the time. The police estimate that there are 200,000 people – reported Łukasik.

17.15 ZTM announced the restoration of tram traffic on Puławska. "The last replacement bus lines are made and passengers are invited to use lines 4, 10, 18 and 35," the statement reads.

The trams were stopped in Pwławska due to the anti-fascist parade, which left the Lubelskiej Unii Square before the 15th square to the Trzech Krzyży square, before reaching about an hour ago.

16.45 As reported by the Municipal Transport Authority, due to the lack of route through the Washington roundabout, the trams were also removed from the Washington and Aleja Zieleniecka road and referred to Grochowska. Earlier, it was reported that traffic had stopped.

16.35 The head of the parade arrived with the president, prime minister, members of the government, politicians and residents of the PiS area of ​​the National Stadium and ended the parade.

The Interior Ministry said in a short message sent to the media, because of the presence of the president, prime minister, Speakers of the Sejm and Senedd, "the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Joachim Brudzinski, decided to create a security cushion like this separates the domain where people who are protected by the SOP are legally present ".

16.20 MarchNationalists at the Gaulle Roundabout is being watched by TVN24, correspondent of Michał Gołębiowski. It states that the situation is "dynamic". – The sea of ​​flags and people go through Aleje Jerozolimskie. There are flows and many fire tractors that have been thrown to the people who join in the square in Smolna Street with a large banner with the inscription "Constitution" – describes Gołębiowski.

"Police cordon and gendarmerie were just here and set up a kind of dishwasher here. There was also a truck that separated the margining group of those who left. However, Some people of the parade saw this flag. The flames, the firefighters were pouring out and it was high here – it adds.

According to the TVN24 correspondent, there are many people. – Looking towards the Dmowski roundabout, you can not see the end of the riding – he says.

16.12 As the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of Joachim Brudzinski said on Twitter, "according to the initial estimates of the horse riding in Warsaw, there are currently over 200,000 people".

16.08 Watch TVN24 Paweł Łukasik on the situation on the edge of the state. – There are politicians and residents. We had a lot of time on the Poniatowski bridge, but the tide was created by a company and military vehicles already on the bridge. This piece has been tightly protected – described.

15.55 The President of Warsaw referred to the separation of services. "We understand that there's one march. Suddenly, you'll see two marks? Do we have any of us?" Formally, we are dealing with one march: the government's government with symbols of such "- wrote Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz on Twitter.

Let us remind you that the president bannes the nation's destination on Wednesday. However, they appealed to the court, who approved their application and allowed them to march.

15.45 As reported by Radomir Wit, TVN24 correspondent, "it's hard to talk about joint marking at the moment". The procession of nationalists already reaches the Gaulle circle, but some have not yet moved from the Dmowski roundabout.

– On top of the riding of the nationals, one can see ONR symbols, but also symbols Forza Nuova, a non-fascist Italian group who came here at the invitation of ONR – says Wit. He noted, however, that the riding is "white sea and red banners". – In this sea, a fire machine will blow up every time and then people with flames appear – he added.

At the beginning of the nation, one can hear a whistle and a crew: "once with a crew, once with a hammer, a red reef".

The first march of the state was stopped on the Poniatowski bridge.

15.35 The Urban Transport Authority gives further information to drivers and travelers. First of all – at 3:30 PM the journey was restored through the street Emilii Plater, and the buses returned to the link near the Central Rail Station.

Secondly, Washington's roundabout closed to traffic. Along with him, Zieleniecka, Francuska and Aleja Waszyngtona (Saska) were turned off.

15.25 The Angels started riding. They moved from the Dmowski roundabout, heading towards the Poniatowski bridge.

Initially, there was mention of a joint departure from state authorities and nationalists. However, the riding led by the president and government under the name "For You Poland" began after 15 minutes and goes close to the National Stadium.

15.20 The tide is already on the Poniatowski bridge, but some of those gathered – said Radomir Wit, the TVN24 correspondent – did not move from the Dmowski roundabout. Horse riding is divided into two parts.

15.15 Horse rider and horse riding. Motorcycle officers still walk in front of the pedestrians. Behind them, on top of the riding, the people have collected a long white and red flag with the inscription "Dla Ciebie Polsko". Initial participants include: President of PiS Jarosław Kaczyński, prime minister of Mateusz Morawiecki, members of government and Law and Justice.

The column also includes military vehicles: a personnel carrier equipped with Rosomak wheel, Rak self-removal mortar, Poprad anti-set set and Langusta rocket launcher. There is a representative company of the Polish Armed Forces, a orchestra and soldiers representing all Armed forces who carry symbolic banners.

In 15.12, Paweł Łukasik reported that the tide reaches Aleje Jerozolimskie and Nowy Świat crossroads.

15.05 Crowds gathered in front of the rotunda. He moved the parade towards the Poniatowski bridge. People have white and red flags.

– The president is on top of the ship. The atmosphere is high. White and red banners dominate. The crowd extends not only to the Dmowski roundabout and neighboring streets – says documentary Paweł Łukasik on TVN24.

The army also takes part in the assembly.

15.00 According to the scheme, President Andrzej Duda, who was 15 hours, arrived at Dmowski roundabout, where the destination of nationalists and state authorities would begin soon.

– I want us to walk together together with our banners, in an atmosphere of joy, homage to heroes and a state. Let's honor those who fought over Poland Let it be a trip to everyone where everyone wants to be, and everyone feels good – the president said in his opening speech.

After a short speech by Duda, the national anthem was sung with each other.

14.51 Metropolitan Police warns of further barriers: Traffic to stop on ul. Plaid Emilii between Al. Jerozolimskie, and ul. Kielce.

14.40 Anti-Fascist Assault began by Lubelskiej Uni Plaque. Their collection has been arranged for 5 pm. The participants will go to Marszałkowska, Plac Konstytucji, Piękna, Aleje Ujazdowskie in the Trzech Krzyży Plaque.

14.24 "Due to the large number of people gathered at the center, Emilii Plater's street was closed on both directions. Buses do not enter the link at the station hall" – says the Authority Public Transport.

Lines 109, 160 and 227 turn back at the 40-year-old roundabout and stop at God's stop. Centralny in Al. John Paul II. Lines 131, 200, 504, 519, 522, 525 they turn back at ONZ's roundabout and take passengers from God. Central stop at Al. John Paul II.

14.20 Preparations for the anti-fashion parade are being held at the Unies Lubelskiej Plaque.

– This riding has not moved again, but it's just a few minutes. There are representatives of quiz and circular circles – says TVN24 Piotr Borowski author.

– I am against faculty, here is the main reason for my presence. I do not agree with what happens in the city and country. Independence Day should merge and not share. What is happening is denying national holidays – participants said the meeting in a conversation with the correspondent.

14.15 In the Royal Castle, the White Eagle Orders transfer ceremony, which was awarded byelaws to 25 outstanding Poles, "wonderful for the glory, is good and good from the Polish Republic". The president was appointed, among others Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Janusz Korczak, Władysław Reymont, Ignacy Daszyński and Roman Dmowski.

13.50 At Dmowski roundabout, the crowd gathers before national riding nationalists and authorities. Marszałkowska Street and Aleje Jerozolimskie are completely out of traffic.

They reached white and red emblems: claws, often with the anchor of the Fighting Poland, scarves with the emblem, the arch and the national banners. Many of these things can be bought in the stalls. Some, like the wristbands, are also being put away for free. The pictures and recordings also show red flags and ONR green banners.

Between the Palace of Culture and the entrance to Metro Centrum, a national town was established, where there are ONR and Młodzież stalls Wszechpolska. In the side streets, police cars stand along the path. Skorupki and Wilcza streets are closed, where squatts have located.

The riding is to divert for 15 hours of the Roman Dmowski roundabout, pass Aleje Jerozolimskie, Poniatowski bridge and the end at PGE Narodowe.

13.45 "Traffic and tram traffic along Solidarności Avenue and Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge are restored" – said the Public Transport Authority.

13.41 In the Prime Minister's Canseller gardens, there is a picnic on the occasion of the Independence Day. Guests stay for Polish Army shows and uniform, sporting and field lunch services.

13.25 President Andrzej Duda moved from Piłsudski Square, walked around Krakowskie Przedmiescie, welcomed the residents of Warsaw and guests who flocked to white and red banners.

– Let's enjoy, let's enjoy it. This is a special day. Thank you very much for your attendance. I hope we will meet again on the parade. We would like her to be a white and red bargain that will collect us all, in hand under common standards – he said in front of the Presidential Palace.

At the same time, the final preparations for starting a joint riding of nationalists and authorities are taking place in the center of Warsaw. He informed the police of Warsaw to stop traffic and public transport on Marszałkowska Street, on the section of Plac Konstytucji to Świętokrzyska.

13.10 Wał Miedzeszyński and Wybrzeże Szczecińskie were closed for traffic on the section of ul. Winners to the Świętokrzyski bridge.

13.04 On the path of Gender Independence, resume & traffic. Aleja Jana Pawła II, Chałubińskiego St. Aleja Niepodległości is already open.

13.02 The army is preparing for a joint riding of authorities and nationalists. The Garrison Warsaw command is responsible for forming the military part of the column, which will take part in the state march.

Rosomak's armed personnel carriers, Rak self-movable mortar, the Poprad anti-aircraft system and the Langusta rock launcher were transported to the place of the march.

In addition, the Armed Forces of the Polish Republic in the riding will represent the representative of the Polish Army, military orchestra and soldiers of all kinds.

12.53 Kamil Karbowiak (Kotwica Brzeg) during 29.38, and among women, Anna Gosk (Podlasie Białystok), result of 33.06, beat the 10-kilometer route of the 30th Independence in Warsaw. Over 18,000 people took part, which is a record record.

Before starting for the 11.11 start There were thousands of runners singing the hymn. During the race participants in white and red shirts with inscription "Warsaw created – the 1918-2018 liberty capital" created a Polish "live" flag.

12.45 In his speech, President Andrzej Duda also referred to rebuilding the Saxon Palace.

– We would like to refer to this great process for the next hundred years, held in the Second Polish Republic, which was rebuilt from not being in existence – said the president. – I would like to return to this to rebuild the Saxon Palace, which we are opening today. I'd like the palace to stand back, to be a visible sign of this Polish, growing nation. I would like to be a public building, which will be able to see all of the countries of the interior – he added.

12.34 – Thanks. Thanks for this wonderful celebration. Thank you that you have listened to the appeal and it came with white and red banners that there was a wood of white and red bands. Thank you, in such an incredible way we can pay homage to those who are us, independently, of Poland's sovereign. Those who left her in 1918. The fighters fought to keep her boundaries in 1939 underground. Then they disagreed with the Soviet communal junior. Those who went out to the streets to protest and demand for living, work, pay and decent liberty. For those who died and suffered so we can restore Poland, thank us today, and white-and-red banners can stop us – President Andrzej Duda said during the ceremony at Piłsudski Square.


12.24 There will be 26 soldiers and officers of uniform services standing in the honorary position in front of an unknown Tomb and Soldier.

12.17 The ceremonial clearance began at the Piłsudski Square.

12.00 At 12pm, the collection on Piłsudskiego Square began to sing the national anthem as part of the "Independence of the Hymn" deed, during that time, when Mazurek Dąbrowski is celebrated celebrating 100 years since Poland recovers its independence at home and abroad.

11.53 President Andrzej Duda and government representatives, the Sejm and Senedd have already appeared in the Piłsudski Square. At midday, the ceremonial briefing of the guardian and appeal memorandum in front of the Tomb and the Unknown Soldier will start, and after 1 pm, the sub-units and rebuilding groups will be from Krakowskie Przedmiescie and Nowy Świat to the Polish Army & Army begins.

11.29 Prior to the Roman Dmowski monument, the flowers were made by Jarosław Kaczyński's President of Law and Justice, along with the Deputy First Minister and Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Piotr Gliński, Sejm Marshal Marek Kuchciński, National Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of Agriculture Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski and Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Joachim Brudzinski.

Moments later, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki arrived at Canseller's Prime Minister's representative: Joanna Kopcińska, Jacek Sasin, Michał Dworczyk and Marek Suski.

11.20 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki set flowers in front of the Marshal Piłsudski monument in the Belvedere. Jacek Sasin went on, state secretary at the Prime Minister's Caesarea and Joanna Kopcińska, spokesman for the administration of law and justice.

11.18 Sexual Independence began. Participants will run al. Jana Pawła II, Chałubińskiego and Aleja Niepodległości, on the section of the Radosława roundabout to Rakowiecka and back.

11.11 In front of the Temple of Divine Providence at Wilanów, there was a seven oak revealing ceremony, which will symbolize the Independence Dads. The trees commemorate Józef Piłsudski, Ignacy Daszyński, Wojciech Korfanty, Wincenty Witos, Ignacy Paderewski, Roman Dmowski and Cardinal Aleksander Kakowski.

10.14 – On the centenary of the recovery of independence, we honor the Polish home of the divisions, his efforts to maintain love for the country, "said Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, chairman of the Polish Bishops' Conference in the homily during Mass in the Divine Providence Temple in Warsaw.

Gądecki said that all the power dignity "is derived from the fact that he fulfills his tasks within the limits of the moral order, whose source and purpose are God."

– Where this principle is questioned, the very foundations of the state order are shadowed, and the governments boil to the pragmatic regulation of different and opposing interests – added the archbishop.

>>> Read more about Homily of the Archbishop Gądecki at <<<

9.58 On 11.11 runners will start the Running Independence. About 10 miles, the Jana Pawła II Avenue road will be closed on the section of Anielewicz to Solidarności Avenue. The remainder of the route, up to Rakowiecka, will be closed between 10.30 and 15.00.


9.24 "On the order of services, traffic and street transport along the street of Marszałkowska, from Konstytucji Square to Bankowy Square, have been excluded," said the Public Transportation Authority.

Buses also run through Piłsudskiego Square and Aleje Jerozolimskie on the section of Zawiszy Square to Washington roundabout.


9.17 In the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw, began a sacred mass with the participation of state authorities. Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio will preside in Apostolic Nuncio to Poland, and Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, chair of the Polish Bishops' Conference, will give a home.

After the mass, on the National Memorial Institute's initiative, a seven oak planting ceremony will be honored to the seven Father of Freedom – people who contributed to the recovery of independence in 1918.

8.59 President Andrzej Duda placed flowers in front of the grave of the last president in exile from Ryszard Kaczorowski in the Divine Providence Temple in Wilanów.

8.50 In front of the monument Marshal Piłsudski, the head of the European Council and former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk appeared. Along with a representative of politicians of the Civic Platform. Among these were Rafał Trzaskowski, elected president of Warsaw, and party chairman Grzegorz Schetyna.

The supporters of the former prime minister gathered Aleje Ujazdowskie. They had them with flags of the European Union and Polish. When the flowers were assembled, the glory of "Donald Tusk" rose and was approved.


8.19 The President placed flowers in front of the monument to Wincenty Witos on the square of Trzech Krzyży. One second later the torch was made by politicians of the Party of Polish People.

8.03 President Andrzej Duda placed flowers in front of the monument of Marshal Józef Piłsudski at Al-Al. Ujazdowskie to Belwederska.

Also check where the celebrations will take place and what the traffic problems will be.

The celebration began on Saturday

National Independence Day celebrations began on Saturday, November 10.

One of the biggest events was an historic picnic organized by Warsaw City Hall. The event was held at Castle Square. His main point was to stage Marshal Józef Piłsudski and General Kazimierz Sosnkowski. Illustrators appeared on the square, explaining the secrets of military equipment and historic vehicles to those with an interest. They are waiting for the residents in thematic tents dedicated to: The Battle of Warsaw 1920, Polish Arms 1939, Armed Forces of the Communion in West 1943, Warsaw President of 1944, Polish Armed Forces in the East 1945, Polish foreign trips of 2000.

In the afternoon, on the Piłsudski Square, the Independence Capitol was associated with the Remembrance Appeal. At night in the National Stadium, songs related to Polish history were heard. About 42,000 people took part in the Independence Concert.

As reported by the town hall, on Saturday, he registered 15 public meetings in the capital.

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