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The Getin Noble Bank, ING Bank Śląski and PKO BP will have to give money to customers. That was the UOKiK decision


To date, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has issued decisions to 14 banks on the issue that is related to the way of notifying changes in price lists. The next decisions are the concern of the Bank of Getin Noble, ING Bank Śląski and PKO BP, which is also wrong, according to UOKiK, know about changes in their tariffs for fees and commissions. The office has been checking for some time how banks make changes to consumer contracts.

The question of "durable media"

In accordance with the regulations, banks must notify at least two months before their contractual obligations and have a duty to justify progress. The duty to justify is understood as a sign of the legal basis (eg point in the contract that defines conditions and boundaries for such walking). UOKiK found that banks did not always refer to the legal basis, and therefore consumers were unable to check the rationality of the increase.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Office also checked whether the banks acted in accordance with the provisions regarding the transfer of information about changes to what is known as a durable information medium. Such a durable medium can be an e-mail, paper letter or document that is kept on the board (or even a message sent by electronic banking), but it must be ensured that & # 39; r bank sends message after sending. The client must also choose the communication between the bank and the customer – the bank can not place an electronic route on the client if he or she prefers traditional letters.

In the meantime, banks in recent years have reported only increases through their e-banking systems, in additions that do not meet durable medium requirements (the bank may change or delete information). Otherwise, it did not guarantee that the client knew about changes at all – they would rarely log in to the system, others noticed messages (in many banks they are not visible). That is why UOKiK decided that banks would have to pay for their mistakes. The next ones are Getin Noble Bank, ING Bank Śląski and PKO BP.

We promised more banks to compensate for the injured clients. They have to repay any overpayments and offer some services to be used for a fixed period of time for free. It's worth taking advantage of it. So, if the bank sent you notice of our decision, do not throw it away. You will learn from what compensation you have, what you need to do to use and how much time do you have for it?

– said Marek Niechcia³, President of UOKiK.

What can three-bank clients cover?

The UOKiK's decision to clients of following three banks with clients who are notified incorrectly is subject to the following rights:

Getin Noble Bank – Customers can count on repayment of overpayments that were not properly reported to them (the condition has signed in an appendix), as well as the exception for 2 months of payments for domestic transfers of their account made in the store.

ING Bank – customers can count on repayment of overpayments due to an increase in rates that have not been properly reported (the condition has signed in annex), as well as one month payment for payment debit cash cards of all ATMs in Poland,

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PKO BP – customers can count on repayment of overpayments that have not been notified to them (the condition signs an agreement), and also for unpaid periods: SMS notices, transfers to Social Security Office and tax office through the phone and online service or in the mobile channel, spreading one transaction with a credit card (200-1500 PLN) in installments (up to 6 months) with a rate interest of 0%, or choose an non-standard image of a debit card.

Earlier, UOKiK announced decisions that impose obligations on: Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Euro Bank, Bank Handlowy, Bank Ochrony Środowiska, Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, BZ WBK (today Santander Bank Polska), Deutsche Bank, Bank Idea , Pekao SA, Bank Plus. There are 4 further cases waiting: BG¯ BNP Paribas, BPH, Bank and Raiffeisen.

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