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The game comes from the Pisudski program to the national park. TVP announces results


Matthew, Mr. Jacek, who on Sunday, September 18, finds a number of waste at Kampinos National Park near Grochalskis Lap.

"He loves Kampinos National Park very much, it's always beautiful in the year, even in a day like today – it's cloudy and rainy, he has something incredible in his life, and that's why I can not understand why people are pulling out of it! " – posted on Facebook.

garbage of the TVP series in the Kampinos National Park

The man will combine the death pockets left in the reserve and describe, as well as plastic bottles, smugglers and containers to pull out, he finds the "first calendar of the series" calendar calendar " Ziuk. Mody Pisudski ", who was the prime minister on TVP on November 11th. On the man-made documents, you can see the sights and tips for the movie crew.

"Do not think these documents will be thrown away. THIS IS IN SKANDAL! I do not have cultural sand that I will describe what they think of people responsible for it," he says, asking TVP to get rid of the death of the reserve.

"Will anyone in TVP be responsible for this situation and will ensure that this crap disappears and that people who suffer the results are for it?" – he will ask. He will ask for an explanation of the producer of the series and Filmotek Narodow.

TVP: "We will draw the results"

Pictures for TVP TV for the fashionable Pisudski marszaku will end a few weeks ago, and the photo set at Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, near Kampinos National Park.

When talking to Gazeta.pl, Telewizja Polska calls the situation to spy the reserve in an "unacceptable" nature and ensures that the results are sought from the producer responsible for operating & # 39; r series.

The "Ziuk" series. Mody Pisudski "is being implemented by the executive producer – Techmem companies, which we have referred quickly to cleaning and rubbish problems in short and pulling out the results to & # 39; The persons responsible for this unacceptable situation

– informs the Creating Agency of the Film and Television Series TV in the statement sent to our editorial office.

As it has added, all movie crews are required to erase the litter collection, "regardless of whether it is property in the city center or the National Park area".

Producer: "We do not avoid responsibility"

Talk to Antyrad by talking to the executive producer of the series. He will confirm that the documents found in the city belong to the "Ziuka" film crew.

– There's a calendar without any doubt ourselves. We do not avoid this. We are very sorry that this situation arises. More so, in the case of such an ambitious goal in realizing the series on such an important issue – says Jerzy Nagrski of a Trama.

As it is added, the production does not deal with the export of waste in person, but the catering companies have been asked to clarify, who are running the plan during days photography. – the rubbish will be deleted. We are preparing this explanation for TVP. And we will do everything we can, which will never be repeated – it will ensure.

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