Thursday , January 20 2022

The continuous extension of employment contracts for three months. Revolutionary change


On February 22, 2016, the amendment to the Labor Code, which changed, among other things, the rules on employing employees based on employment contracts for a definite period. Some of its provisions are now beginning to have a practical meaning.

In the new law, there is provision that the total amount of employment on employment contracts for a definite period between the same parties (employee and employer) can not exceed 33 months. At the same time, this period can be counted on February 22, 2016.

In practice, this means that if someone was employed from that date on a fixed-term contract basis and is still underway, on November 22, 2018, the machine will continue to be an indefinite employee.

What is important, no immediate confirmation is required in the form of a new contract. And so, by law, our contract becomes an indefinite contract.

This change of attorney S³awomir Trojanowski, in the "Business for People" channel, TVN24 BiS, which is called revolutionary. He also reminded of the other important regulations of the revised Labor Code about the contract for a definite period.

Only three contracts are for a definite period

One of them is that the employer will only be able to bring the conclusion with the three employees for a contract for a definite period, regardless of the total employment period based on these contracts.

A fourth contract conclusion always means that we start to work indefinitely and it is not important if the agreements for a definite period were renewed after the other, or there were some Breaks between them when they did not work.

What gives us a contract indefinitely?

There are two major benefits to the contract for an indefinite period. First of all, we're harder to fire. Both because the employer must give reasons for such decisions, and because he or she must consult the trade union if he works in our company .

Secondly, contracts are indefinitely very popular with banks – so by working like this, it will be easier to get a loan, which can be important to us.

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