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Sony is accelerating: this is how the Xperia 20 will look with screen 21: 9!


Sony is speeding up smartphone announcements, which is why the first information about Sony Xperia 20 appeared on the network. The average will receive a 21: 9 cinema display and will use the answers of its predecessors, so check what you can expect from it. .

Sony's mobile section is not doing well, as is shown not only by the financial results, but also by accelerating the process of producing new smartphones – the leading Xperia 2 showed itself on the horizon, and the few t behind her Xperia 20, this record will cause concern.

The new phones reveal the first secrets despite the fact that there is no leading Xperia 1 on the market – we are still waiting for the disclosure of Polish prices of this model (issued in February in particular).

Xperia 20 on visualization

So, Sony's decisions are not the most predictable, so let's go to the new leak with a distance dose. Thanks to the leak cooperation OnLeaks and the portal PriceBaba we know how likely Xperia 20 will look.

Pricebaba & OnLeaks

Pricebaba & OnLeaks

The phone will be created with a medium shelf in mind, as shown by the two similarities to the Xperia 10. It will be on the table 6-inch IPS display with cinema shares 21: 9. will work while watching films. Full HD HD will be decided by the panel.

There were voices that the back panel of the model would be made of metal, but given the cost-effective method of the Japanese manufacturer and the precursor plastic layer, I am almost certain that the backs will be made of plastic.

Pricebaba & OnLeaks

Pricebaba & OnLeaks

It will only be them double camera, which will enable you to maintain a modest and elegant design of the whole. I regard this as great and consider the resistance of the material used in Xperia 10, but I am aware that plastic does not have to please all mania.

Criticism can also occur asymmetrical front, the upper edge is clearly wider than the bottom. This is obvious during everyday use, so you have to get used to this element. The smartphone's housing will reach 157.8 × 68.9 × 8.14 mm.

Pricebaba & OnLeaks

Pricebaba & OnLeaks

It's hard to say anything about the technical specifications of the model, but it's almost certain that Sony uses one of the CPUs t 6xX Snaxdragon Series. The predecessor used the 630 model, so I can only doubt that the manufacturer will use the same system or choose Snapdragon 632 or 636.

More information about Xperia 20 will arrive in the media in the coming weeks. I strongly urge you to follow our columns, because we will give you the latest information about the fate of the new model.

Xperia Imaging 20:

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