Wednesday , November 25 2020

She dropped a strong record for PiS. Now her manager is translating

The subject of the Constitutional Tribunal ruling has been irritating the whole of Poland for several days. There are protests through the streets of many cities and there are debates in parliament. The stars also spoke about the case. Their anger and bitterness with the status quo do not hide, among others Joanna Koroniewska, Julia Wieniawa, Edyta Pazura, Kuba Wojewódzki, Paulina Młynarska, Mateusz Damięcki, Magdalena Cielecka, Martyna Wojciechowska, Michał Piróg and Barbara Kurdejur. And when celebrities switched to issuing subsequent releases, Małgorzata Rozenek was silent. It soon became clear why.

The perfect housekeeper has been struggling with personal problems lately. Her husband, Radosław Majdan, was in hospital due to a coronavirus infection, and she was left quarantined with two teenage sons and a few months old. She was terrified of what was happening in Poland, but she was silent about it for a long time.

In the end, though, he took the floor and posted an extensive post on Instagram, where PiS and President Andrzej Duda hit. She attached the post with a compelling picture where she “aims” at Jarosław Kaczyński.

“When PiS attacked the Constitutional Tribunal, many of you thought:” This doesn’t apply to me. “Yesterday we found it relevant. A country where 98% of abortions are performed because of severe and irreversible fetal defects even outlaws it, condemning women to unimaginable suffering. Over 70% of Poles are in favor abortion in this case.A right reasoning that condemning a woman to report and give birth to unrecoverable sick children, who will only face a very painful existence and death, is inhuman TK PiS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR # helleness day we will bring you to the better of them ”- he wrote in one of the pieces.

“Małgorzata will explain her job-related decision when the moment is right. Nevertheless, Małgorzata supports and sympathizes with millions of Polish women, whom she has already expressed” – wrote in a brief statement sent to our editorial office.

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