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SEX AT AERPORT CHOPIN: The lovers turn out not embarrassing [22. 02. 2019 r.] LOT: "Love is a beautiful feeling"


Sex at Chopin airport in the information desk

The recording, which led to the Walentynka network, celebrated on February 14, 2019 presents a pair, which at the point of information welcomes the waves of passion. In such a place, however, it is hard to disagree, and everything was recorded by someone who observed the position of the upper floor.


The recording was published, among others:

  • on Facebook,
  • on Wykop.pl.

Did Chopin's disease have sex? You can rate it on the "Super Express" recording on February 14 on Valentine's Day.

Interestingly, among the number of copies of the recording, you could see the faces of the air lovers. Internet users commented, among others several aspects of making this video publicly available on the internet:

All cases should not be discussed and publicly explained, and certainly not the internet. This is not a tool for people's moralization – one of the users of Wykop.pl writes.

I do not see anything here with me. Why does anyone record this? – another sound sounds.

Are the results waiting for the airport's lovers?

Are the lovers waiting for the wave of passion at the Chopin airport information place waiting for any results? As it seems, the recordings are years old and they were not at all airports in Warsaw.

However, airport representatives appreciate the power of love, but emphasize that there are specific limits that should not be exceeded.

We believe that love is a beautiful feeling and it's worth showing it, but there are limits. In our opinion, the pair has become immortalized on the movie, definitely exceeds these limits. If it were PPL employees – that is, the Chopin Airport manager – they would definitely have to consider the business results. In this case, however, it is difficult to determine the personal details of the people recorded, as the recording itself was a few years and they were not employees of Chopin Airport. – said Piotr Rudzki from the PR department of Chopin airport in the pages "Super Express".

There is a month of jail for sex in a public place – writes Nowa Trybuna Opolska. A few years ago, such an event was held in Głuchołazy.
– The event noted our city's monitoring service – said the head of the local City Guardian – the shelter went to the place and intervened with this "act of love".
He issued the order that the case would be completed in court.

In such cases, a scandalous person is required to punish the offender. It is not enough that a police officer or guardian will appear at the location and location – adds the NTO. How will it be for sex at the Warsaw airport?


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