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Samsung surprise announcement. Will we wait for the phone to be in the screen?


IPhone X presentation, because it does not want to change the smartphone market. Apple offered its typical, dissatisfied cut in its output in the upper part of the screen. However, the compromise that Apple has become a new fashion on the market.

The tendency to install smartphones called smartphones "Notch" therefore appealed to the producers who have so far only one of the largest companies that did not use this answer is Samsung.

The convenience, however, is that the Korean maker will decide to use a sharp addition in upcoming smartphones. During the Samsung Developers Conference, the company announced that they were thinking of new solutions that will appear on their smartphones in 2019.

And there are as many as four different solutions. The conference showed how the appearance of Samsung's notchend would be:

Samsung Developer ConferenceSamsung Developer Conference photo by BP

In the first case, in a screen of the name Infinity U wouldch would be a small "leak", which appeared, for example, on a smart smartphone. The second project still reminds the letter. The third is a "hole" newsletter in the screen away from the smart phone edge.

In the fourth case, in New Infinity, Samsung tries to eliminate the presence of notes completely. Unfortunately, we do not know about the location of the camera and the sensors.

However, a little while ago he released information about the work of the Koreans on their hiding under the AMOLED panel face. If the company was successful in implementing the last concept, it probably would have been tenth.

At the moment, however, Samsung does not want to disclose any details of specific phone models where rotation would appear. The fact that he is showing his intention is quite surprising, as Samsung has avoided making long use of illegal cuts at the expense of slightly larger frames.

For more information, then we have to wait until next year.

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