Friday , May 27 2022

Roman Giertych heard a witness function. For the words about payments for Donald Tusk


"Gazeta Polska Codziennia every day" finds "Donald Tusk, Stanisław Gawłowski's full-fraud hearing, and recently Leszek Czarnecki in cases held by the prosecutor of the bar." – As a witness – he advises Michał Fertak, a spokeswoman for the Warsaw District Bar Council.

"GPC" reports a few months ago on TVN24, in the "Kropka not to" program, Giertych said, among others: "We will be afraid of Zbigniew Ziobro instead – if payments are made Presenting to Donald Tusk, someone who he must have been responsible for, he will surely suffer this prosecutor who will be blurred, but maybe it's too. "

As repeated by "GPC", in an article on the portal, he was also supposed to say: "I'm curious if Jarosław Kaczyński will find a prosecutor who will charge Donald Tusk in Smolensk, because such a prosecutor will be convicted in a few years ".

National prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski issued a notice to the disciplinary and disciplinary spokesman. "The quoted statements do not fall within restrictions of freedom of expression limited by the provisions of advocacy law." The above statements of Roman Giertych may be considered illegal threats in relation to prosecutors "- that was justified.

"In May this year, the Disciplinary Court had reversed the decision of the Disciplinary Ombudsman refusing to initiate a case about the media statements of Roman Giertych advocate" – quoted "GPC" class Bar Council spokesperson.

In mid-June, the Bar Association of Warsaw Association opened a disciplinary investigation. The Attorney Fertak told the GPC that "the case is still, it's still in the case."

As the "GPC" writes, the disciplinary investigation still has no final decisions. However, as the ORA spokesman said, "they should close in the near future".


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