Thursday , September 16 2021

Robert Raczyski: Coming with a PiS, I was led by Lower Silesia – local elections

– Go to the regional council, we know that loss of virginity will be lost by team building, either PO or PiS. We believe that we will take part in the political process. And we're involved in it. It seems to me that we have managed to achieve a lot – said Robert Raczyski, leader of the Independent Self Government and the President of Lubin in an interview with Onet. Its formation has been calling the coalition with the PiS in the lower Silesia council a few days ago.

Raczyski will at the same time say in an interview with Onet that his group still "guarantees the regional policy of the rest, that is, not to transfer parliamentary parliament to Lower Silesia".

– We will not be involved in vitro, and we will not be against abortion. Here are the issues that the parliament must decide, not for us. These are very important issues, but self-governing should not look after them – he explains.

Raczyski will ensure that by signing a coalition agreement with the "PiS" led by Lower Silesia ". – I was told that what is happening on a national scale, I think about sharing the two tribes, which is quite sudden, sometimes unpleasant, so that & # 39; n being transferred to Lower Silesia. And I believe that we have guaranteed that, because in the lower Silesian council, it will not dominate a party – it's arguing.

President Lubin stressed that "checking the real intention of the country's regulatory coalition leader in the country was to reduce copper tax by 15% from 1 April 2019". – We estimate that PLN 2.5-3 billion will continue in Lower Silesia by adding the copper tax within five years – it will add.

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