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Retirement benefits: 4/05/2019. Who with the application for retirement will wait until July receive a higher benefit by as much as 10 per cent!


In just a few weeks, the labor minister will announce the rate of indexation of pension contributions. It should be higher than ever, because people applying for retirement in the second half of 2019 will have higher pensions calculated by as much as 10 per cent.

You can benefit from a pension application – by submitting it in the second half of 2019. ZUS will calculate a higher benefit, respectively, than if the application was submitted in the first half of this year. because it would not be covered by the annual appraisal of the capital from which the pension is calculated. Experts estimate that if someone were to wait for the application, and that it could have already been introduced in the first half of 2019, then his pension calculated in the second half of 2019 could be as much as 10 per cent. higher. In addition, the average age of Pole has decreased by 1.5 months, which also affects the amount of the pension – a shorter period in which the ZUS will pay the benefit statistically.

The application for retirement until June, even if the right to retire a few months earlier, was already in 2018.

very good decision. On July 1, accrued pension contributions at ZUS were valued (increased) by 108.68%. And because they determine the amount of pension, the benefit automatically given is at least 9 percent. higher.

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Experts agree that indexing pension contributions, which will be made on June 1, 2019, will be just as high – dynamically wages are increasing further and in addition, higher inflation returns. This means that if someone has an income source and strength to work, they should wait for a few months to retire. Then, in a short time, his pension will earn nearly 10 percent. And an opportunity of such a kind may not be repeated for a long time!

Experts point out that the situation is not the people who did not wait for indexation, especially if they are working and getting a pension. In fact, in their case, the pricing of premiums is not normally due, but they can always submit an application to recalculate the benefit.

Mandatory indexation of contributions collected in ZUS?

According to the Institute of Social Insurance (ZUS) law, it is required to make annual contributions to the contributions accrued on each pensioner's account in the future. As in March, the pensions paid are already being evaluated, so in June the Institute of Social Insurance decides how much indexation there is on future pensioner contributions.
The next valuation will take place in June. It is also necessary to know that it has been covered by the amount of future contributions accrued to the pensioner account on 31 January in a given year, ie at the earliest opportunity – on 31 January 2019.

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Persons receiving a decision on the granting of a pension have calculated its amount at the present value of the retirement capital. If the decision is made now, just before the index of June 2019, the pension will be lower – only for those 9, perhaps even 10 per cent. establish value. And just as much as the pricing is announced this year, published in Polski Monitor on the basis of art. 25 para. 12 of the 17 December 1998 Act on age and disability pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1383, as amended) t

To receive a pension payment, it is worth remembering that you must formally terminate the contract (contract) for work and, at the time of submitting the application, be unemployed – even for one day only.


The basis for calculating the old age pension is the amount of contributions for pension insurance, including indexation of premiums registered in the insurer's account by the end of the month before the month in which the retirement pension is due.
Formally, in accordance with art. 25 para. 3 of the 17 December 1998 Act on age and disability pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1383, as amended), contribution indexing is carried out annually, from 1 June each year.
As a result of the valuation, the account balance cannot be reduced.
As follows from the subsequent provisions of the Act, the amount of contributions recorded on the Insurer's account at 31 January of the year for which the valuation is carried out has increased by amounts due to valuation, subject to indexation.
Premium indexing is based on multiplying the insurance recorded by the insurer with the index index.

The minister responsible for social security issues will publish "Monitor Polski" in the Official Gazette in the Republic of Poland, by the 25th day of the month before the date of valuation, the indexation of premiums index for the year and the previous quarter. We are waiting for the index index value this year up to 25 May.

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