Monday , June 27 2022

Release from restrictions by vaccination. Will this be the case in 2021?


Exemption from restrictions by vaccination against COVID-19 is likely. Prime Minister Chancellor Michał Dworczyk’s head points out that such a solution is under consideration. Is this an attack on freedom, an unwritten compulsion to vaccinate and practice from the last century?

Release from restrictions by vaccination

Prime Minister Chancellor Michał Dworczyk’s head suggests there may be an exemption from the restrictions by vaccinating against COVID-19. It has been found that mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus – contrary to earlier publications, rather “research” – will not generally occur.

Nevertheless, the National Vaccination Program has shown, vaccinations will be for those who are ready (ie they do not make epidemic sense, because eradicating the virus requires the vaccination of the vast majority of Poles), and it will be possible to administer the drug itself (presumably) in each municipality.

The first quarter of the year will be dedicated to vaccinating the elderly, medical profession representatives, and uniformed services officers et cetera. The vaccines themselves have not yet been approved for use in the European Union. It’s a matter of time.

Returning to the statement by Michał Dworczyk, when asked on Polsat’s broadcast whether it would be possible to apply the exemption from restrictions through vaccination, he replied:

We are discussing it. On Monday, we will present the draft National Vaccination Strategy, which will be consulted over the following days and there are solutions out there that also provide some benefits to people who have already been vaccinated

Some groups don’t like the above very much.

The liberals are stormy?

On the portal rumors “” about “isolation of Poles”. In turn, in an article referring to a similar statement by Adam Niedzielski, liberal-criminals directly suggested (original spelling):

Now we can see clearly how a volunteer chaplain will be vaccinated. You will not be vaccinated, eg you will not go into a restaurant, train or go on holiday. It becomes interesting.

I have not heard of the fact that unvaccinated people could not get into a restaurant or train. I see no danger either, as the vaccine must be tested, approved and verified.

If this is the case, it clearly counteracts the urgency, and as a result hundreds of Poles die every day, and thousands become ill – often in a very serious way, with health consequences – for life.

I understand that it is a sacred freedom for the individual not to be vaccinated. This, however, conflicts with the need to combat the universal, global threat. Such situations are extremely difficult, so it is not surprising that all Poles have been abandoned. Anyway – almost half of her time declared that she would not be vaccinated. I don’t know if I’ll be vaccinated – I have some concerns.

Nevertheless, the exemption of vaccinated people (as long as – apart from not being infected – they cannot infect) from complying with the restrictions seems obvious. One should not always look at such a system through the prism of some unwritten compulsion to vaccinate – its “silent” operation.

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