Friday , October 30 2020

RCB Notice. A flood wave passes through Falaopolska

A flood wave on the Vistula goes through Falaopolska. In Krakow, its climax will occur on Saturday around 8.00 and according to the latest hydrological forecasts, the water level in the river at the height of Bielany will reach 5.80 m – said Monika Chylaszek, spokesman for the city Thursday afternoon.

Vistula crisis situation in Krakow is 5.2 meters. It can be exceeded Friday around 8 PM.

The Government's Security Center is in a warning announced on Thursday just before 7 o'clock for the residents of the Chrzanów, Oświęcim, Wadowice, Wieliczka poviats, Bochnia and Brest, and for the city of Krakow, appealing not to go to the rivers and are relevant to the orders of the services.

President Krakow announced a flood alarm. The Vistula River level at Bielany was above 5.2m.

The most difficult situation at the moment is Krakow-Bieżanów. The battle for strengthening the flood embankment on the Seraph is underway. According to the City Center for Emergency Management it was not interrupted. There are about 120 firefighters from the PSP, OSP working there, help from the police and scouts. Residents in this area are unable to get to their homes with cars. That is why the city arranged transport for them, ie extra buses – says the correspondent RMF FM Dariusz Nowak, from the urban emergency staff in Krakow.

There are also 60 soldiers to help in the battle with the element.

Since the municipal warehouse, 9.5 thousand have been published so far. sacks and 100 cubic meters of sand to fill. "We would like to thank the residents and the scouts who volunteered to fill the bags with sand" – said Chylaszek. He added that the services were trying to respond as soon as possible to the residents' reports and bring these bags to flood risk areas.

The Municipal Water and Sewerage Company advised that all sewage treatment works operated without interruption.

In the center of Krakow – near Wawel and on ul. Kościuszki – along Vistula embankments, an assembly of flood defenses is underway, and each one to set them with night.

Krakow paralysis communication. Drivers stuck in traffic jams

On some sections of the Małopolska section of the A4 motorway, the water in the drainage ditch went to the road level. The position is stable; the water is not flooded on the road – said Thursday night Krakow branch of GDDKiA.

The difficult situation on the motorway section, between 413 and 414 kilometers towards Tarnów. The drain ditch over 90% has to be filled there. This is associated with the slow release of rainwater through the culvert and the Skawina, which has a higher water level.
Similarly, about 3.5 kms from the exit of the motorway to Wieliczka – on a stretch of about 50 meters, the water in the drainage ditch reaches the road level.

As a Krakow branch spokesman of GDDKiA Iwona Mikrut, the road services ensured they were ready and monitored the situation continuously. If the water reaches the road level, it is fenced off.

We are asking drivers not to slow down to observe the water level on the Vistula and drainage ditches, because the volume of traffic is high and causes traffic congestion. – said the spokesman.

On several sections of national roads: 28, 79 and 75, roads are flooded – the Directorate General for National Roads and Motorways Jan Krynicki said. The A-4 sections between the Skawina and Kraków Południe nodes are also at risk, and 3.5 km from the exit to Wieliczka.

Water – like Krynicki know – has flooded through the national route 28 in Maków Podhalański, Osieliec and Jordanów.

IMGW announced a second degree warning against strong rainfall with storms for the smaller province of Poland and the southern part of the Silesian province. Rainfall is predicted to occur in moderate and strong periods. Their height can range from 30 to 60 mm per square meter.

The second level warning means that dangerous meteorological phenomena are expected to cause significant material losses and threats to health and life, and therefore caution is recommended. You should also follow the news about weather development.

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