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Rafał Zawierucha recalls with Wojewódzki his Hollywood adventure: "Margot wrote his number in his hands"


Rafał Zawierucha recalls with Wojewódzki his Hollywood adventure:

Guests of the final season of this season's program Kuba Wojewódzki visitors Paul "do not ask" Dominican Republic ac Rafał Zawierucha, fresh without Hollywood.

He called for a visit to the studio of performing his most famous song live, promoting the album 1984.
So refer to your song, What are you, Paweł, do you have fifty years? – the lecturer noted, referring to the piece "When fifty years, fifty years old, there will be a fierce and nonsense in my cat".

I do not have anything for you, because You've been after a long time … – replied the actor. I have no problem with it. After the CD, a few have changed I ride on the subway, no one keeps me. Maybe something is changing I will copy the next entry that I'm wrong because I have fejm and hajs. When we recorded "Do not ask" and we sent it out on the radio stations, We found answers that we will not find an audience. This song was written when I learned that Zuzka was pregnant. You do not sit in the subject, but it's so you will know that you will have a child when the woman tells you. And so I sit and think that I have everything in fact. Fidelity is very important to me, but I do not know what will happen to me in twenty or thirty years. But … no. Whatever After the concerts I come home, because we have a little child.

She insisted she had a great time in her life now, because otherwise I've had dad for the second time and record a CD that they are often released, often too often, all Polish broadcasters, He also played an important part in the romantic comedy The heart is not a waste.

Do you have the comfort of reporting now? – he asked the Provincial. I mean action.
He gave me freedom of music, I noticed that I did not have to take everything – Domagała explained. I rejected most of the things, I'll wait for something we can really check. I am I reject the Hollywood offer. Of course, while Daniel Craig does not apologize to Tomasz Kot, I'm not playing in Hollywood! They also need to explain this issue with #MeeToo until it happens I guarantee I will not be playing in Hollywood for the next 10 years. You must be consistent! But I'm looking forward to Rafał, because I do not play in Hollywood, but I'm curious how it's.

Rafał Zawierucha could not talk a lot about working with her Quentin Tarantino next to movie Once At Time in Hollywoodwhere the youngsters played Roman Polańskibecause the contract binds it to discretion. It is not secret, however, that Tarantino, usually, collects a set of stars on the set, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt ac Margot Robbiewho was playing the young one Sharon Tate, Polański's wife was murdered by the sect Charles Manson. There was a song from the Zawieruchy entrance to the studio Fake Fiction.

Very nice welcome Rafał was proud. I did not know what would happen to me, but I thought we would come to check. Your brother, my sister, helps you very much Dad does not greet you. I do not know how it started, they call my agent. I've always dreamed of playing Hollywood. You can call it a crisp, I'll call it following your dreams. When I was a child, my aunt came from America and said: Oh, you have the biggest car. She brought us wooden pencils … What I had to play is sifting, I was surprised, how they can decide after such a recording. First of all, I saw Margot Robbie and I said, "Hi, I'm a new husband," and in a moment someone is hitting my shoulder and says: "Hello, Rafal, welcome to the Tarantino family"she was Quentin a I'm totally disappearing. They heard about Poland, for filming they were very happy …

… that he had arrived – added Domagała

There's one story I did not say to anyone – admitted Zawierucha. I met Margot in front of one of the scenes a Margot offered a meeting outside of the planand I say: call me because I do not have a phone with me, and she took my hand and wrote my number on my hand …

Unfortunately, the complete "American dream" Zawieruchy lost the unpleasant encouragement to self-promote Wojewódzki, He started reading his autobiography loud and talking about the lost opportunity to play with Jim Carrey.

I mentioned you about Leonardo DiCaprio Zawierucha left him. He said: Kuba Wojewódzki? I do not know …

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