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Professor Ryszard Legutko on "bedophilia and pederasty". PIC politicians stand out from the words of policy MEPs


The echoes of prof. Ryszard Legutki in the context of pedophilia in the Church and the film "Don't tell anyone". It's about the words from Polish Radio 24, when the MEP said of law and justice that sexual abuse in the Church is rarely the case for pedophilia, and more often we have to do so. for us to "deal with homosexuality."

Over 80 percent of cases of these abuses (in the Church – ed.) Worry boys from 12 to 17 years old, we are sorry about what pedophilia is? It is not pedophilia, it is just a pedera

– Said prof. Legutko, who is once again the PiS letter of his candidate at European Parliamentary elections.

Deputy Law and Justice on Legutki's words: I would not agree with such a statement

Before the deputy of Law and Justice issued a statement on his Facebook statement, he fell on criticism from opposition politicians on it, but not only. By his words, Law and Justice politicians broke themselves.

He did so, among others Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk, PiS MP, who justified Legutka on Radio ZET, he wanted to "categorize" the issue.

At the same time, Szynkowski published aka Sęk directly during the broadcast:

I would not agree with such a statement. Offenses cannot be related under any circumstances.

A spokesman for the PiS is taking a floor on Legutka. "I totally disagree with this statement" t

Even more definite than prof prof. Ryszard Legutki, spokesman for PiSBeata Mazurek, cut himself off.

I totally disagree with this statement. The subject is controversial, I wouldn't say something like that

– Mazurek announced in Polsat News, emphasizing that Legutka's statement is his private opinion, not the viewpoint of Law and Justice.

Professor Legutko translates his words. "Name the phenomenon by name"

Already after these statements of law and justice politicians, prof. Legutko decided to refer to the case on Facebook. At first he said that "information had been handled" appeared for his words. It emphasizes that, at the beginning of the interview, he expressed condemnation of "abusive sexual behavior towards minors".

I would like to remind you that the term "pederastia" means in a translation of the Greek language "love for boys", and defines more generally the relationship between men and teenagers. The name of this phenomenon as part of a problem that the Church has been measuring for years does not mean that the penalties provided in Poland should not follow – to the contrary t

– the MEP wrote Law and Justice.

At the end, Ryszard Legutko announced that someone, through this statement, would give him approval or mercy in punishing sexual acts against minors, then "he will face legal proceedings".

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