Thursday , October 6 2022

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 for free! Only one but …


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Piotr Urbaniak

… only in the Xbox One version. Yes, Microsoft decided to make it available free of charge Playerunknown Battlefields ac Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 All the owners of their existing consol. The reasons for this decision are not clear, but it's probably related to the X018 fanatic party that takes place on 10-11 November. We also know that you have to be busy because the proposals are limited in time.

September 4 this year PUBG On the Xbox, left Open Access, and as you know, Microsoft paid the creature for a temporary ban. Rumors now circulate that many of the Royale battle will be coming to PlayStation soon 4. That may be why the company from Redmond wants to increase the player's base. The matter or no PES-a 2019 He's still pushed in a speech of mystery.

Anyway, the length of the promotion is just as mysterious. Microsoft says that it's just "limited", that is, it's probably limited in time. Question: what does the company intend to do for players who decided to pay $ 29.99 when the product was still commercially available? Recently, the players' environment, critically criticizing Shadow of the Tomb Raider For a discount too fast, it definitely shows that it does not like much when games are cheaper too fast. The first buyers feel cheated at that time. In the meantime, we do not deal with even more extreme situation, making the production free of charge.

Anyway, if you have an Xbox One and you have not bought any of the items that you put off, then it's definitely worth taking advantage of the offer. Ultimately – as some classic adage say – if they donate it, it does. Both games can be found in the official store.

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