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PiS Delicious Delicator – page 1


Such a collection arises after reading the answer issued by the Ministry in response to the accompaniment of Tomasz Siemoniak, a former national defense minister, a member of the parliament and the defense committee in ask the ministry: what about this modernization? He asked for a long time – in June – and in detail, because there are 15 issues on the list. Only some were answered. And some of these answers are so amazing that they deserve to be described. Especially the one for helicopters.

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Trailer with helicopters in the lead role

The series runs from the beginning of the PiS government, which began at the end of the previous season. Siemoniak itself has a significant share in what it liked – by adhering to cinematic speeds – a trailer. In April 2015 – at the height of the ultimate loss campaign – President Bronisław Komorowski, in collaboration with the two key government weapons decisions, announced that we have to start talks with the US government to buy the system Patriot, with regard to helicopters built together the best platform was the offer of the French company Airbus. Caracal successfully passed the military tests, and the supplier started negotiations to terminate the main contract and what is called offsetting.

Along the way, there were double elections where the presidential candidate, Andrzej Duda and PiS politicians opposed the choice of helicopters. It must be remembered that that part of the colonists also sounded until Antoni Macierewicz took the subject over and did not cross the issue in his own success. The criticism of caracali was much stronger, so strong that it was not less than one year after seizure of power, conversations with Airbus, was formally due to a failure to reach an offsetting agreement. The negative value of the contract – PLN 13.4 billion – was the eye of the new decision makers and was introduced as a public penny waste on the "world's most expensive helicopters". Because PLN 267 million has come out for the art. It will be worth remembering in a minute.

He was supposed to be good because of "Polish"

From October 2016, after breaking conversations with French, a series of memorable promises and promises – often made during visits by the minister and head of government in a helicopter and aircraft – once Polish but now is in the hands of Airbus's direct competitors of the canceled bid. So, two, eight, 21 black hairs of the "Polish" factory would be in Mielec. At the same time, the repair and construction of a new helicopter would support the "Polish" label in Świdnik. In order to be clear, the two factories, of course, and Polish without quotations, were only part of international flight and flight alliances, and global players decide their fate. However, the word "Polish" was emphasized by politicians in this campaign with emphasis – that is why he must also drop here. In any case, there were not many ideas – with the construction of a Polish-Ukrainian and Polish helicopter only.

You should wear it fast in some procedure. Emergency operational need was devised, the route was only a short cut to normal rule. To meet the words of the Minister Macierewicz, helicopters from searching for fighting and rescue for special forces (CSAR / SOF) became a priority. Unfortunately, he would be able to provide Mielec – a Lockheed Martin airline, an American defensive tycoon, who had not so far taken over the specialist Helicopter Helicopter company. In the second place, it has also been justified by the urgent need, it is proposed to buy helicopters against submarines with a marine rescue and search function (CSAR / ZOP). All types had to be eight pieces, although in the case of expensive marine machines assumption, four options were considered four and more.

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