Wednesday , December 8 2021

Overwatch upgrade will force you to re-install the game


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Blizzard publishes a significant Overwatch update. The package will present major client changes, which will make it necessary to re-install the game.

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The nearest leaflet will remove the client's game.

Although the massive size of a bigger game updates is not unusual at the moment, players are reluctant to look at huge circles, sometimes up to 10GB of data need to be downloaded. Blizzard, however, looks further away in the next piece for Overwatch. The popular shooter will have a good upgrade, which will force you to reset the title. No, not because of new content. As we read in the official title forum, creators intend to introduce basic changes to the client Overwatchwhat can not be done by simply exchanging data. This means that players will be forced to reload files, games, on computers and icons.

The message does not give any details, but the Kotaku website will receive additional information from Blizzard. The authors described the upcoming update as a remaster record, which will significantly improve the performance of the game. This includes reducing the time needed to reduce the space occupied on the hard disk, the adjustment to the PlayStation 4 consol, and optimize the memory on for limited systems. These were mentioned in the case of existing maps on many maps. What's probably more important, however, is to prepare the land for future content, whatever that is.

The new piece will focus

The new piece will focus

Incidentally, it is revealed that those who check the new content on the Public Test Server will have much less downloads. This may suggest, together with this update, that we will see the release of new products currently tested on the PTS (the jersey is published at the forefront), but it's just a guess. We do not know again when this piece is available, but we probably will not wait long. By the way, the current version Overwatch requires 30 GB of free disk space, so people with weaknesses should be equipped with advance security.

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