Wednesday , January 27 2021

Ola Jordan landed on the rug. Production of "TzG" is not enthusiastic about his performances

In 2018, Ola Jordan was jury as a juror in "Taniec with the Stars", replacing Beata Tyszkiewicz, whose health prevented him from continuing his adventure with the show. Already from the first chapter, Jordan showed that Iwon Pavlovic will not be second. Now he should start taking an example from an older friend.

Jordan Oil is nice and … boring?

Ola Jordan praises most of the performances, and if it's allowed to be criticized, it's very fragile. Until the jury was challenging and specifically Michał Malitowski, Jordan's behavior was not a problem. However, now, as soon as Iwona allows her to make stronger comments, the production has called Jordan to the rug – she says that the performer has the site.

In the corridors, much is said about the invitation to Oil Jordan to be invited to speak to a director 'Tańca z gwiazdami'; Her attention paid to the lack of negative comments during the participants' assessments.

Would you like to see Olha Jordan in a tougher installment? Changing attitudes can be a challenge, but the show director's decision is not surprising. Do you have the impression that Jordan statements are a bit boring?


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