Thursday , January 20 2022

Network overseas over 19 km


Section 19 kilometers of the S5 Poznań – Wrocław between Leszno and Radomickiem were given to the General Directorate for Roads and National Motorways on Friday. According to the GDDKiA publications, the whole path will be ready next year, after completing three chapters.

The operation of S5 on the department of Radomicka to Leszno costs over PLN 443 million.

The part of the footpath, available on Friday, connects to the Leszno – Kaczkowo section, 9.5 km long, which is open in early October, which allows you to avoid Leszno captain center. GDDKiA was published in a message communicated on Friday, thanks to the newly assigned route, the drivers will save at least a dozen or more minutes.

As part of the investment, a dual access road was built with two lanes and a reserve for the construction of a third lane. Two road interchanges were established: Święciechowa and Leszno Zachód, enabling connection with local roads and DK12 Wschowa – Leszno – Gostyń.

Two passenger service areas were built, 16 engineering structures, a network of access roads and road safety devices. In order to achieve probability along the No. 5 national road on the connection with the specific section of the S5, drivers will benefit from the piece through the Lipno junction operated as part of the next contract.

"The new section of the S5 route will not only reduce travel time and improve travel comfort, it is also important for the residents of Leszno and Lipno, as traffic traffic will definitely decrease in these towns , which will reduce noise and air pollution and increase safety on local roads. As any new way, the dedicated section of S5 will contribute to the development of economic activation zones around the road junctions and the economic development of the Leszno region, "said GDDKiA.

As part of the S5 Poznań operation – Wrocław there are three other sections: Poznań – Wronczyn (16.5 km), to be completed this year, and Wronczyn – Kościan South (18.9 km) and Kościan South – Radomicko (15, 7 km), which is scheduled to be completed for the second half of next year.

Ultimately, S5 will connect Nowe Marzy (A1), Bydgoszcz, Poznań (A2) and Wrocław (A8) and ensure effective communication between the Dolnośląskie, Wielkopolskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie organizations.

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