Thursday , June 30 2022

MSWiA gave an unusual request to Polish courts. He wants to "stop human rights"


In Katowice, between December 3 and December 14, there will be a climate summit where delegations from around the world will appear. In connection with this event, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Jaros³aw Zieliñski, submitted by the Ministry of Justice who submitted an application, where he recommended that the number of compromisees be restricted to & The "minimum necessary" during the December climate summit and, at the time before the summit, persons detained in custody centers and prisons to the courts and prosecutors, as well as the number of passes granted to people who & Stay in correctional facilities and youth hostels. informs the case.

Convoy restrictions would apply to the states of Śląskie and Ma³opolskie, where the summit will take place. Restriction on passport would apply to the whole country. Such rules would apply from November 25 to December 16.

The purpose of these recommendations is, as writes, referring to the magazine, "strengthening security and public order in Poland." Here is the minister's answer to the personnel problems in the police.

Judges ask: What about human rights?

The critics, who reached, were incredible with the letter they received. – For me, this letter has something of totalitarian spirit in its pure form. For example, can not you transfer a young child from refuge for a funeral of love because it is a climatic summit and the minister wants peace in the Silesia province of Skim and Ma³opolska? What about human rights? – one of them, who wanted to keep anonymous, said.

– They are totally disregarded for truly real needs and at the same time people who are either in prisons or in custody schools or correctional schools. I've been treated as "subhumans" that do not count at all – said another. – It's not in your head – he added.

The issue is also said by the head of the Helsinki Institute of Human Rights legal department, Dr. Piotr K³adoczny. – The fact that the deputy minister permits himself to such a council shows how low he appreciates Polish judges – he said for – Every citizen, irrespective of whether he is in prison or in revision, has the right to believe that a Polish court will give him a thorough and reliable analysis about touching or passing, regardless of what events & 39; happens in the country alongside – it adds.

We asked for comments from the Press Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and the Ministry of Justice. We are waiting for your answer.

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