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Mp3 miłość, chapter 1447: Łukasz will throw Katia and will disappear forever! Andrzej's fault is a painful break


M like love chapter 1447. Katia (Joanna Jarmołowicz), Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz)
M like love chapter 1447. Katia (Joanna Jarmołowicz), Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz)

This is the end of Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz) and Katia (Joanna Jarmołowicz) in "M jak miłość"? Their short relationship will end in the chapter 1447 "M jak miłość" when Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek) forced Wojciechowski to leave Warsaw. Otherwise, he will put him in prison for what he did (Anna Mucha). Łukasz will have no choice, will say farewell to Katia, but she won't have the courage to say why. The girl who has left will go crazy in the news of separation!

Episode 1447 – Tuesday, 21/05/2019 "M jak miłość", in 20.55 on TVP2

Katia and Łukasz of "M jak miłość" will break down and the end of their short relationship will be very troubled. After moving from Andrzej Budzyński, a broken boy will look for a shadow in his love. Katia will let him stay in his little room at the back of the restaurant with his father Otar (David Gamtsemlidze), but in chapter 1447 "M jak miłość" will have to leave Łukasz.

Why? Because, stepfather it will threaten to put him in prison for drugs, t if he does not agree to meet his requirements. Budzyński will give Lukas the condition – rather than having to sit behind bars, working hard at the hospice in Piaseczno near Warsaw. In 1447, the chapter "M jak miłość", Wojciechowski will be aware that Katia will not see for a long time.

Goodbye to her, but she won't explain why she has to disappear. He will not talk about drugs, Magda's tragedy, that he might have killed with his dust.

I told you that I was doing various unfortunate things and now I will have to disappear, leave for some time …
In Katia's eyes there will be tears of helplessness and anger. In 1447, the chapter "M jak miłość" will throw Luke straight to the face of what he is thinking about. – You're damn one! You have to tell me what you are doing! You have to tell me what you did, because I don't believe you! Yes, you're fucking because you want to get rid of me!

– No, that's not true. it 's the only thing I can tell you is that it's not true. Katia, understanding, you're special. Do you understand? And you deserve someone better than me … t
I hate you! Fuck from here! Getting lost! Katia will shout and run away to the restaurant.

Łukasz will not have a chance to explain to her what really happened, because Andrzej will call him, he made an appointment with him for the final conversation and a trip to Piaseczno. Budzyński will warn the ambassador that he will not go to the police with drugs if he does not come to the office.

Literally at the last minute, Wojciechowski will meet Andrzej. In the chapter 1447 "M jak miłość" will be able to encourage him to help in one more important issue. Łukasz will be visiting Katia again. He will not be able to leave knowing that the girl's love has turned our hate.

Everything I've said from the front is true. I'm not a man for you, but you're very important to me. If you don't delete me …
– do you? Never, even if I do not understand it!
– I'll try to change, but I don't know whether it's possible at all … t
– Łukasz, come back soon … – Katia will be distressed.

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