Saturday , January 23 2021

Modern Censorship! The man asked Lempart an uncomfortable question. The microphone was ripped and the SK leader began to insult him: “He’s a thief”

Women’s Strike activists have already shown many times that they are prepared to use censorship and do not allow themselves to ask questions that are not suitable for them. A significant situation occurred during an abortion supporters’ protest in Lwówek Śląski. Marta Lempart asked if anyone had any questions. When the man asked Lempart an uncomfortable question, his microphone was ripped out.


– ONLY HERE. Women’s Strike selects journalists! Some media will not be admitted to the conference. Lempart is afraid of questions?

– Ziemkiewicz about journalists who stayed at the Women’s Strike conference: They just boil over to the role of their propagandists

Anyone have any questions?

Marta Lempart asked. The microphone was then handed over to the man who volunteered.

I would like to ask, are you all in favor of killing babies until they are nine months old? Because this woman wants it from you

He said. Lempart at this point tried to rip off the man’s microphone, eventually her assistant did it for her.

Lempart insulted the man who asked her a difficult question

Marta Lempart began to insult the man who asked the question, calling him a “thief”.

This is the thief who stole our microphone. As you know, either thieves or liars or cowards

– he said. He then asked:

Does anyone have any question but really a question and is not a thief, just someone who wants to ask a question?

The situation in Lwówek Śląski once again shows that the women’s strike operators only answer questions that are convenient to them. Journalists who do not respond to them are not allowed at the conferences they organize.

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