Monday , June 27 2022

“Moderate” Kim Kardashian promotes birthday makeup collection in a dress with YOUR PERSON (PHOTO)


Kim Kardashian she made her name in & nbspmedia thanks to the now famous sixth tape she recorded with her former rapper Ray-J. “Drop” of erotic video in combination with & nbspmarketing talent Kris Jenner it turned out to be a ticket to fame for Kardashianki and her entire family, sealed by contract for her own reality show.

In September Kim Kardashian via Instagram has announced that next season, 21st “Keep up with the Kardashians“the last one will be. Although the celebrity made a fortune mainly by regularly selling her privacy on the show pages, she doesn’t have to cry about her future. Kim has also been successfully delivering herself for many years as a businesswoman.


In 2017, Kim decided to follow in her footsteps Kylie Jenner established her own brand of cosmetics, Beauty KKW. Since then, the celebrity has regularly launched new eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and face contouring kits. In October, at their show 40th birthday Kardashian prepared a special collection of cosmetics inspired by her designated stone, opal. Of course, a special campaign with a & nbspcelebrity played the lead role in promoting the birthday line

Kim recently decided to return to the session promoting the October collection and present it to Instagram fans behind the scenes photos. Kardashianka seems to be following the adage on a daily basis “two heads are better than one” – & nbspdo the following shots he set dressed in a dress with your own face.


Photograph session from the birthday collection. Wonderful day! – & nbsp wrote under a series of pictures.

The celebrity also decided to explain to Internet users how he invented the shades of the shadow palette from the & nbspseria The Opalescent.

(…) When I was growing up my room was always lavender and I always saw such beautiful color purple. I wanted my birthday collection to have the most beautiful purple palette! Kardashian revealed.

See how the inventive Kim Kardashian wears a dress with her own image. Cool styling?


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