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Manage the KGP after reporting on the actions of J. Zieliński


  • Police Headquarters response to Suwałki's officer reports regarding the actions of Jarosław Zieliński in this region
  • According to their messages, the uniforms, among others, were forced to take care of the deputy minister of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, take part in his official visits to this part of Poland, and sometimes even "excuse" officers the National Security Service
  • However, when Jarosław Zieliński returned home in the village of Poduwal, the police officers should stand on his path and "flash" to him

– The Police Chief Commander ordered control at Police Headquarters in Suwałki. Officials of the KGP Management Office are already conducting activities on the knowledgeable Onet. Mariusz Ciarka, KGP spokesman.

Let us remind you, as we wrote in Onet two days ago, Suwałki's police officers were desperate and worried about the situation at the local headquarters, a letter to Bożena Kamińska, a deputy PO of the region. She was asked to intervene. The MP raised the matter as the last sejm of the Sejm.

– Police officers have enough to be abolished and treated according to the political needs of Deputy Minister Jarosław Zieliński. Give examples – heads of departments and deputies in this order were among others as staff sergeant with many years of experience or younger aspirant who had never had a serious business in his life. What is the purpose of the "flash" action that a Polish whole police laughed from? – asked the deputy.

– Why is one of the police patrolled in Suwałki for almost three years protecting the entire day of the estate of Deputy Minister Jarosław Zieliński? For what reason are local police officers wearing in suits, wearing glasses and pretending that the State Protection Service during the ceremonies you are attending Deputy Minister Zielinski? What type of work does the priest do, who has been employed in the headquarters and who does not come to work? – he continued.

There is even more detail in the letter itself, including the above patrol, who oversees the deputy minister's estate in the village of Poduwal. "They're standing around the clock, wherever they are there or not, the police car must stand." They manage these patrols, the current command can drive. Bialystok, if everything is right under a house and minister, no-one knows why, he is safe, and the police sit in these cars, even if they want to settle , someone else has to come to them so they can leave. According to the above minister, Krzywe was raised and police officers will guard two properties. Apart from personal security, the alarm property that is directly connected to the KMP duty station in Suwałki, rather than a security company, "which the letter reads.

His authors also provide details of the "excuse" officers of the National Security Service (former BOR) officers. "Local politicians wear suits, wearing glasses, putting earphones on phones to look more serious, and go near the minister, among others, in the pictures of the event on the occasion of Fire Day in Suwałki, where immediately next to the minister and this defense goes to the provincial peace chief who knows this defense, because among the defense is the head of one of & # 39; r departments, everything happens with the headteacher's permission. Why are there any such ridges? – Ask Suwal police officers.

For the questions sent to Minister Zieliński and to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Suwałki, we answered the Police Headquarters. – "Deputy Minister Jarosław Zieliński had not used officers from any of the services to promote his own person." Participating in ceremonies such as opening a new order or Police Day is a business activity only the deputy minister that oversees the police or other services that are more than the Ministry of Interior, eg State Fire Service We emphasize that all the activities that are carried out by the Police are always law-based, "wrote Mariusz Ciarka in a reply sent to Onet.

The headteachers were not unfavorable to police officer payments, especially those involved in Zieliński's home guard. – Joachim Brudziński Minister ordered Minister to clarify this matter to Minister Zieliński in a hurry. I believe this will be explained – said the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Interior and the Administration of Paweł Szefernaker in the "Opinion Fakt" program.

Today, Jarosław Zieliński referred himself to the whole issue. "Some of the opposition media and politicians are in conflict for the interests of influential groups and people are trying to get excited and impaired when they reproduce stories from me about the story. It's absolutely clear to whom and what This campaign is due to serve, "he wrote on Twitter.

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