Saturday , November 27 2021

Małgorzata Opczowska did not intend to work on TVP! Now it seemed who she wanted to be


Małgorzata Opczowska (32) has been the new host of “Questions for Breakfast” for several weeks. However, viewers still don’t know much about TVP’s new face. Little does he know he is … a lawyer! But it’s not everything.

Małgorzata Opczowska has recently joined the cast of “Questions for Breakfast” and along with Tomasz Wolny are trying to make the morning pleasant for the audience gathered in front of the television sets. Presenter replaced Marcelina Zawadzka, who will return to the breakfast room as soon as she arranges private affairs.

Working at TVP on “Question for breakfast” got Małgorzata Opczowska interested in more and more people overnight. Who is the journalist and where has she worked before?

The new face of the lunch box with TVP has been involved for 12 years. In the past, he worked at TVN, where he ran, among other telegrams. Opczowska is not a journalist by education. Małgosia graduated in law from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, but as she says herself, this profession turned out differently than she thought.

In an interview with “Super Express” she admitted that she plans to become an actress! However, fate decided otherwise for her.

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