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Magda Gessler attacked the restaurant. PHOTOS AND VIDEO "Kitchen Revolutions" in the Best Bar in Ostrów


Magda Gessler - robbery in a restaurant
Author: Marek Radziszewski
Magda Gessler – robbery in a restaurant

Magda Gessler was attacked during the filming of "Kitchen Revolutions". It was supposed to be a peaceful last dinner during the recording of the next chapter of "Kitchen Revolutions". In the Best Bar in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Magda Gessler appeared and his team at the invitation of restaurant owners. Everything seemed to go smoothly. The restaurant owner has changed the menu, the decor of the place and, as always, the name. See VIDEO.

Magda Gessler attacked during the "Kitchen Revolutions" under the property "Peasants and Baba" during the recording of "Kitchen Revolutions" reached four men from the neighboring village of Opel and started riot. – I was renewing this place earlier, as it was another owner – one shouted from the men. The gentry sat in the car near the restaurant and turned on … the music on the whole regulator. He was not pleased with the security officers who kept order. They asked for courtesy, but the gentlemen from Opel's nose had accepted these requests. The battle began. When one of the men started walking, because he wanted to go into the restaurant, he was really nervous.

– On Tuesday, 21 May thereafter At 22:00 we got a notice to one of the restaurants. It became clear that there was a lack of agreement between defending the property and four men – inform Sgt. headquarters. Małgorzata Łusiak, officer to the press in the Communist Party of Ostrów Wielkopolski. One of the most bloody and aggressive men was stopped by the police.

According to Małgorzata Łusiak of Ostrów Police, the bloodiest man is 41 years. – He will now answer in court for the start of a debate in a public place – the policeman said. The man explained that the whole situation had happened, because he and his friends wanted to eat, and the place was not open.

See in the pictures what the whole situation looked like:

See video. Our OSTRO is actually: t

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